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by using the position on the sky and the redshift to determine a distance along the line of sight

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Q: How do astronomers create three-dimensional maps of the universe?
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How do astronomers create three dimensional maps of the universe?

by using the position on the sky and the redshift to determine a distance along the line of sight

What do astronomers call latitude and longitude?

When astronomers are working with geographic maps, they call latitude "latitude"and longitude "longitude".When they're working with celestial maps, they refer to the analogous celestial coordinatesas "Declination" and "Right Ascension".

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Early astronomers used only their eyes to look at the stars. They used maps of the stars for religious reasons and also to work out the time of year. Early civilizations such as the Maya people and the Ancient Egyptians built simple observatories and drew maps of the stars positions. They also began to think about the place of Earth in the universe. For a long time people thought Earth was the center of the universe, and that the planets, the stars and the sun went around it. This is known as the geocentric model of the Universe.

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Cosmology is d study of origin and nature of universe The science that maps the general features of the universe is cosmography.

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