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Keeping goals

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How do sports use math?

they don't

How do sports radio hosts use math?

dont worry about it

What type of math do you use in a radio sports annoucers job?


What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.

Do you use math while playing sports?

Of coarse when You Play Sports You have To CalCULate Where The Ball Is Going TO Land And Syuff like That

What do sports have to do with math?

It doesn't have to do anything with math.

How are logic and math related?

people usually use logic in math and math in logic

Why do people use Greek symbols in math?

They use Greek symbols in math since Greek mathematicians invented math.

How do sports announcers use math?

I think they have all the stat sheets and stuff on their computers.

In what ways to people use math?

by going to schoola nd learning math

How is math applied with being a sports agent?

A sports agent applies math when determining how much a sorts player will be paid. A sports agent also applies math to figure out his percentage of payment.

What type of math strategys they use in sport that has to do with math?

alot of sports use geometry and trigonometry such as for soccer, you would want to calculate the optimal force and angle required for a good pass

When do people use math?

people use math when they are at work measuring something or trying to work out the time or at school

How do people actually use math in their daily lives?

people use math to tell time , height, distance, size, hope it helps folks

Do people use wax in sports?

Yes, people use wax in sports for example surfing you must wax the board for grip.

How do you use subtraction in the real world?

you always use math in your life weather you are adding , subtracting , multipling or dividing you are always using math ! there is not a day that goes by that people dont use math !

When do cop's use math?

When they give people tickets.

What sports do people use drugs in?


Why is math so hard to learn?

As with anything, some people find math harder to learn that others. It may be that math is not one of your strongest areas, and some of the concepts are harder for you to grasp. ========= Math isn't hard. Some people just aren't interested and won't work at it. Math is like sports. To be good you have to practice.

How do you use math?

You use math in your everyday life! You use math when you are paying for something @ the store. You use math in a classroom and you can use your knowledge of math to share with others younger or older than you. That is how you can use math.

Uses of math in sports?

Even without thinking about it you use math every second of the day. Even in Sports, for example in soccer you have to kick the ball at a certain angle to make the ball go to your team-mate and not the opponents. And you also have to use enough force when kicking the ball for it to reach your team-mate.

How do people use math in school?

In the same way as when out of school

What are the benefits of math?

math can help you with anything. Even if you are a sports guy. You still need to know how to manage your money. If you can not do math you are susceptible to scams. To pursue many careers in life a degree in math is neededit is to help you calculate stuff without math there is no how i can say how many people are i earth

How is math used as a sports agent?


How is math applied in adventure sports?