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It doesn't have to do anything with math.

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What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.

How is math applied with being a sports agent?

A sports agent applies math when determining how much a sorts player will be paid. A sports agent also applies math to figure out his percentage of payment.

What college is the best for math and sports?

uga Duke University is very good for basketball and math. Stanford is my pick for football and math.

What is the role of math in sports?

Statistics!! Baseball is a game of numbers. Math is very important to the game of baseball.

Do kids that play sports have good math grades?

well it depends on how good your child at math is. i don't think tat playing sports really helps your child. and that is what i think.

Do you have to be good at math to play sports?

It would help but you don't have to

What is a sport dealing with math?

There are tons of sports dealing with math. Soccer, Football, Softball, basicly anything with numbers

Can dyslexics play sports?

As long as there's no math involved in the sport.

What is Josh Hutcherson favorite subject?

Math(algebra) and propably sports -.-

Must I be good at math to get a sports marketing degree?

I highly doubt if you need to be good in math to have a sports marketing degree. Here is a site that can help out in explaining: http://sportscareers.about.com/od/educationtraining/a/sptedrqure.htm

Do you use math while playing sports?

Of coarse when You Play Sports You have To CalCULate Where The Ball Is Going TO Land And Syuff like That

What does math have to do with spreadsheets?

Math has to do with a lot of things such as SPREADSHEETS, cooking, sports, games, homework and much much more!!!!☺☻

What are math problems for a sports statistician?

A number of math problems could arise for a sports statistician. They are responsible for figuring things out such as annual stats for players, and teams, and if one thing is added up wrong, then the stats would not be correct.

How is math in sports announcers?

Because you have to know how to add stats and be able to announce them when its time.

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