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Numerator <-> dividendDenominator <-> divisor.

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Q: How do the numerator and denominator of a fraction compare with the dividend and divisor of a division expression?
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How do you convert a division into a fraction?

The divisor becomes the denominator and the dividend becomes the numerator.

What is a fraction that is undefined?

A fraction such that the divisor (denominator) is zero is undefined. Such a division is expressed as x/0 where x is the dividend (numerator). In ordinary arithmetic, the expression has no meaning so division by zero is undefined.

How do i show division in word?

You could write "divided by" between the expression for the numerator and the expression for the denominator.

How do you change division to fraction?

We have to put the dividend in the numerator and divisor in the denominator. For e.g, 4 by 8=4/8

What is quotient mean in math?

The "quotient" is the solution to a division problem. For example: in the problem 147/7 = 21 147 is the dividend (or numerator,) 7 is the divisor (or denominator,) and 21 is the quotient. If there is anything left over after the division, that would be called the remainder. Note that the terms numerator and denominator are usually used in the context of fractions whereas dividend and divisor are used in the context of division. However, those contexts are equivalent, since fractions are really an expression of a division problem.

Is the bottom number the dividend in division?

No. The bottom number (denominator) is the divisor. The top number (numerator) is the dividend. eg 3/5 = 3 &divide; 5 3 is the dividend, 5 is the divisor.

How are fractions related to division?

Fractions are related to division because the top of the fraction is the numerator or the dividend of the fraction and the bottom of the fraction is the denominator or the divisor of the fraction.

What is the number called that is being divided in division?

Well, when you divide you get fraction, the thing above the line is called your numerator and the thing below your line is called the denominator. Then, your numerator is divided by you denominator. For example, 10/2 where 10 is your numerator and 2 is your denominator this mean 10 divided by 2 =5

Does the numerator or the denominator go in the division box?

The numerator goes in the division box.

30divided5 equals 6 how do you call 30 and 5 in a division?

30 = numerator or dividend 5 = denominator or divisor (and 6 = quotient)

What is the word for dividing the numerator by the denominator?


What is the separator of numerator and denominator?

The solidus. The division bar.

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