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With their brain

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Q: How do they think they use math in chemistry?
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Does chemistry use math or not really?

Of course it does!

How much math is involved in chemistry?

Mathematics is the language of science and thus chemistry uses math. It is difficult to say how much math is involved but Physical Chemistry and Theorectical chemistry use quite a bit more than Organic or Inorganic Chemistry. Physical and theoretical chemistry probably involve over 40 % math.

Is math useful?

Yes, it is. Because you can use it in technology, chemistry,etc.

Ehat is the atomicity?

Atomicity is chemistry. This is use din math and compering.

How is maths used in chemistry?

There's hardly a part of chemistry that doesn't use math. pH, moles, everything.

What math is required for taking chemistry?

Knowledge of mathematics is indispensable for all sciences; for chemistry think to physical chemistry, crystallography, data processing, chemical informatics, quantum chemistry, etc.

How does your brain do math?

You use your brain to help you do math. You need to use it to think about a math problem.

What fields of study use latin?

Math, Biology, Chemistry, Law

What is math in chemistry?

Yes,math is chemisty.

Does chemistry use mathematics and if you are great with math will you have problem with chemistry?

Yes, chemistry uses mathematics. But being great with mathematics is not enough for studying chemistry: you must enjoy the subject.

How can one be good at math but bad at chemistry?

Chemistry isn't entirely math. The math in chemistry isn't very complicated, it's just understand how to apply the math AND understand some of the key concepts.

Is it true that if you enjoy math and do well in it you will do better in physics chemistry as well as engineering and computer science?

If you do well in math, you probably will do better in the disciplines that use math.

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