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you add the nominator to the whole number and put it over the denominator. for example:

11 1/3= ?

1+11= 12


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Q: How do write improper fractions?
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How do you write equivalent mixed fractions?

Change them to improper fractions and double them.

Fractions more than one are called?

Depending on how you write them, they are either called mixed fractions (e.g., 2 1/2), or improper fractions (e.g., 5/2).Depending on how you write them, they are either called mixed fractions (e.g., 2 1/2), or improper fractions (e.g., 5/2).Depending on how you write them, they are either called mixed fractions (e.g., 2 1/2), or improper fractions (e.g., 5/2).Depending on how you write them, they are either called mixed fractions (e.g., 2 1/2), or improper fractions (e.g., 5/2).

How do you write fifty hundredths as an improper fraction?

Fifty hundredths can't be an improper fraction. Improper fractions are greater than 1.

How do you write a whole number as imprper fractions?

You cannot: whole numbers and improper fractions are disjoint sets.

How do you convert between improper fractions and proper fractions?

You don't. Proper fractions are less than one, improper fractions are greater.

How do you write one half and four fifths as an improper fraction?

One half and four fifths can't be written as improper fractions.

Are improper fractions integers?

No, they are improper fractions. They can be equivalent to integers if the numerator is a multiple of the denominator.

What are the characteristics of improper fractions?

Improper fractions have numerators that are greater than or equal to their denominators.

How do add mixed improper fraction?

Mixed numbers can be converted to improper fractions. Improper fractions can be added the same way proper fractions are.

How do you turn an improper fraction into a normal fraction?

Improper fractions can't become proper fractions.

How do you write 349000 in a mixed number?

Its impossible you can change improper fractions into mixed number, but not 3490000...

How do you write improper fractions in simplest form?

An improper fraction is already in it's simplest form as long as in the fraction part the denominator is bigger then the numerator.

How do write a fraction as a whole number?

The majority of fractions will not be able to become whole numbers. Certain improper fractions, where the numerator is a multiple of the denominator, can become whole numbers. No proper fractions can.

How are improper and proper fractions alike?

they are both fractions

When you add fractions do you flip improper fractions around?


Can an improper fraction be defined as just a fraction and When you talk about a fraction do you include improper fractions?

When you talk about fractions, you do include improper fractions. However, an improper fraction such as 24/6 is hard, because it should really be called 4. Yes, an improper fraction can be defined as a TYPE of fraction.

What are the 2 kinds of fraction?

There are common fractions, improper fractions and equivalent fractions

When dividig fractions what do you change a mixed number into?

You change them into improper or topheavy fractions.

What are similarities between proper and improper fractions?

Some similarities of proper fraction and improper fraction are that they are both fractions.

How are improper fractions and mixed numbers different to proper fractions?

In case of Proper fractions the numerator is lesser than the denominator. Whereas in case of improper fractions and mixed fractions the numerator is greater than denominator.

How do you improper a fraction?

Let the fraction act improper. All fractions can be immature!

What is the difference in proper fractions and improper fractions?

Proper fractions are factions with a numerator lower than the denominator but an improper fraction has a greater numerator than the denominator

What is an improper fraction for 4 out of 6?

4/6 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions.

How is a mixed number and an improper fraction similar?

Mixed fractions can be converted into improper fractions then changed back to a mixed number.

When dividing fractions does the answer always end with an improper fraction?

Not always. There are times when division of fractions results in a non-improper fraction.