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S = 1/R

Where S = Conductance in Siemens

R = Resistance in Ohms

If R is in Mega Ohms, S will be in Micro Siemens

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Q: How do you Convert mega ohms to micro siemens?
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How do you convert micro ohms to siemens?

Ohm is the reciprocal of Siemens. Ohm = 1/Siemens.

How do you convert ohms to micro ohms through mega?

To convert ohms to: microohms - multiply by a million milliohms - multiply by 1000 kilohms - divide by 1000 megohms - divide by a million

How do you convert 123 milliohms to microsiemens?

Siemens is the reciprocal of ohm. You can convert from milliohms to ohms, then take the reciprocal. The answer will be in Siemens.

How do you convert ohms to mega ohms?

A Megohm is one million ohms. To convert ohms to Megohms, divide by one million.

How do you convert mega ohms to mega

you can't, different units

How do you convert Ms to ohms?

Ohms are the SI unit of electrical impedance. Siemens are the unit of electrical conductance. Ohms are V/A while Siemens are A/V. Take the reciprocal of one to get the other. 100 ohms is 1/100 or 0.01 S. 1 MS or 1,000,000 S is 0.000001 ohms, 1 micro ohm. 1 mS or 0.001 S is 1000 ohms.

How do you convert 192800 microsiemen to ohms?

192,800 microsiemens is 192,800 x 10-6 siemens equals 5.186722 ohms.

What is 500000 ohms per cm converted into micro siemens?

if I have seen this right, you are converting ohms to siemens? Check you conductivity (siemens), divide "1" by the conductivity value. in scientific notation 1000 would be 1x10^3 and change the units to ohms. If correct, you should have 5x10^5. May not have helped you.

What is 47 kilo ohms in mega ohms?

The answer is .047Megohms. 1kilo ohm is 1,000 ohms. 1mega ohm is 1,000,000 ohms. Just move the decimal over to convert.

What is the resistance in ohms of 400 siemens?

25 ohmsAnswerResistance is measured in ohms. Conductance is measured in siemens. Conductance is the reciprocal of resistance. So the ohmic equivalent of 400 siemens is 2.5 milliohms.

How many mega ohms in an ohm?

One mega-ohm is the equivalent of 1000000 ohms.

Is resistance measured in ohms?

Yes, and in kilo ohms and mega ohms

What is 0.02 ohms in mega ohms?

It is 0.00000002 megaohms.

How many ohms is 1 mega ohms?

1 million ohms 1,000,000 ohms

How many ohms is 20Mohms?

M is a si siffix for mega. It means million. 20 mega-ohms is 20 million ohms.

What is 50 micro siemens per cm - 300 micro siemens per cm converted into ohms?

The conductivity is measured in microSiemens per cm. These are not SI units. When they are in SI units, Conductivity = 1 / resistivity. Conductivity (per 1m) = 1/ Resistivity (per 1 m) Conductivity (per cm) = 1/ Resistivity (per 100 m) 50 microSiemens (= 20,000 ohms per 100m) = 5000 microsiemens per meter = 0.005 Siemens per m = 200 ohms per meter (ohm/m) 300 microSiemens are 3,333 ohms per 100m. = 30000 microSiemens per m = 0.03 Siemens per m = 33.33 ohms per meter (ohm/m)

How do you convert micro ohm per cm to ohms per cm?

Divide the number by 1,000,000 (a million).

How many micro ohms is 0.002 ohms?


The product of 3 kilo ohms times 3 micro ohms is?

You have to convert all values to ohms. 3 kiloohms = 3000 ohms. 3 micoohms = three millionth of an ohm = 0.000003 ohms. The product is: 3000 times 0.000003 = 0.009 ohms squared.

3 kilo ohms times 3 micro ohms equals?

You have to convert all values to ohms. 3 kiloohms = 3000 ohms. 3 micoohms = three millionth of an ohm = 0.000003 ohms. The product is: 3000 times 0.000003 = 0.009 ohms squared.

How many ohms is 10meg ohms?

Ten mega ohm equals 10,000,000 ohms.

How many ohms is 6107 micro ohms?

The prefix micro means 10^-6 = 0.000 001. So 6107 micro ohms are 0.006 107 ohms or 6.107 x 10^-3 ohms. Scroll down to related links and look for the prefix "micro" and "all prefixes".

What is 8 mega ohms equal to in kilo ohms?

Mega is 8 X 10^6 and Kilo is 8000 X 10^3. For every 3 you go down in powers you divide by 1000, so 8 Mega ohms is 8,000,000 ohms. 8,000 Kilo ohms or 0.008 Giga ohms.

What is 58 micro ohms in milli ohms?

0.00058 milliohms

Is mega ohms more them k ohms?

Yes, one mega ohm is more than one kilo ohm. Mega means million, kilo means thousand.