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The answer depends on what variables are plotted on the graph!

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Q: How do you Identify greatest speed on a graph?
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How do you find maximum speed in a time position graph?

You find the point(s) at which the slope of the curve is greatest.

How is a speed graph different from an acceleration graph?

A speed graph measures the distance devided over time. Acceleration graph measures the change in speed over time.

How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

What is the type of graph used to show the speed of an object?

speed graph

What is indicated on a speed graph?

Acceleration is indicated on a speed/time graph.

In what kind of graph can you identify velocity?

Velocity can be identified in a position-time graph through the slope of the curve at any given point. The slope represents the velocity at that particular moment in time. A steeper slope indicates a higher velocity, while a shallow slope indicates a lower velocity.

How speed of zero would appear on a graph?

-- If the graph displays speed against time, then speed of zero is indicated wherever the graph-line touches the x-axis. -- If the graph displays distance against time, then speed of zero is indicated wherever the graph-line is horizontal. -- If the graph displays acceleration (magnitude) against time, then the graph can tell you when speed is increasing or decreasing, but it doesn't show what the actual speed is.

How do you calculate speed of a distance time graph?

Speed (in the radial direction) = slope of the graph.

Does the speed of a position time graph of an object gives the speed of the object?

No, but the slope of the graph does.

How can speed be determined from a graph of distance vs time?

Slope of the graph will give you speed.

What type of graph do you use for speed?

Line graph.

What would be the shape of a speed - time graph of a body?

If speed changes, then the speed/time graph has up/down curves in it.