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Speed (in the radial direction) = slope of the graph.

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Q: How do you calculate speed of a distance time graph?
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How can you calculate the speed in a distance time graph?

speed is the gradient under the distance vs time graph which is change in distance /change in time

Why area below the distance-time graph is used to calculate speed?

That's not correct. If you have a graph of distance as a function of time, the speed is the slope of the graph.

Can you calculate speed from a motion graph?

If you graph distance vs. time, the slope of the line will be the average speed.

How do you read and calculate speed from a motion graph?

You can calculate speed by taking the gradient (dy/dx) from a Distance-time graph since s=d/t

How is a distance- time graph different than a speed time graph?

The variable plotted along the vertical axis is the distance in the first case, speed in the second. The gradient of (the tangent to) the distance-time graph is the speed while the area under the curve of the speed-time graph is the distance.

What are time distance graphs?

On a distance-time graph, the gradient of the line is numerically equal to the speed. therefore if you get the rise over the run you should be able to calculate the speed traveled at.

What part of the graph represents uniform positive and negative acceleration Calculate this acceleration.?

The answer depends on whether the graph is that of speed v time or distance v time.

What happens to a graph of time and distance as speed increases?

The graph of distance vs time increases exponentially as speed increases.

Is acceleration the slope of a line on a distance time graph?

No. The slope of the distance-time graph is the change in distance per unit of time - otherwise known as speed. Acceleration is the slope of the speed time graph.

What does the slope of the distance time graph represent?

The slope of a distance-time graph represents speed.

How can you get speed of an object from its distance-time graph?

The speed is the slope of the curve in such a graph.

How would you use a distance time graph to calculate the average speed of an object motion?

A distance-time graph is created by placing the distance on the vertical axis with the time placed on the horizontal axis. The values can then be plotted using distance traveled on different intervals.