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To the left of the decimal point, you place a decimal at an interval of every three digits.

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Q: How do you apply the comma number format with decimal places?
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Does the accounting number format causes the cells to display with two decimal places so that decimal places in cells below align vertically?

For a single cell: with the cell selected, Format menu > Cells > Number tab > Category: Number [By default the Decimal places is set to 2] > OK.To apply this format to a whole column: position the mouse icon over the column heading (such as B); the icon becomes a black arrow pointing down. Click to select the column, then use the Format menu as above.To apply this format to a range of cells: select the range, then use the Format menu as above.You can also adjust the horizontal position of figures within a cell: select the cell(s), then Format menu > Cells > Alignment tab > explore the options under Horizontal, especially Right (Indent) with Indent set at 1 or 2.When one cell has just the right format, you can apply its format to one or more other cells using the Format Painter. Select the "perfect" cell, then click the paintbrush icon in the Formatting toolbar, then click another cell to apply the format without changing the value in the cell. If you double-click the Format Painter, you can go on "painting" cells as long as you like. To exit, press Esc on your keyboard or click the Painter icon again.

If cell data consists of whole numbers you cannot apply a format that displays decimal places?

Yes, by highlighting the cell and clicking 'format cells' and then 'numbers'. There should be a 'decimal' option.

How do you apply the accounting number format?

The Accounting format lines up decimal points to the right and currency symbols to the left in a column.

Do the comma style button apply a dollar sign to the number?

No. It removes any currency formatting and converts the number to an ordinary number. It will add or retain decimal places.

Which number format would you apply to a cell to show the total sales for the month?

The answer depends on the whether you are measuring the value of sales of the quantity of sales. In the latter case, it depends on whether it is a discrete variable of continuous.Value of sales: Currency format.Discrete quantity (eg number of cars sold): Integer number.Continuous quanity (eg amount of fabric sold): Decimal Number.In all three cases you will need to use a sensible number significant figures. There is not much sense in presenting sales worth millions to 2 decimal places!

When writing a decimal number less than 1 you must apply the?

decimal point to the left of the whole number. Example: 1= whole number. Less than 1 as a decimal is .00, .01, 02 etc.

When writing a decimal number less than 1 what must you apply?

You must apply a writing implement to a surface on which you are writing.

What number is irrational?

An irrational number is a real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers. In decimal terms, it is a real number that has either a terminating decimal or an infinitely recurring decimal. This would apply whatever the integer base, such as binary, octal, hexadecimal.

What excel number format inserts thousand comma separators?

the excel number format that applies a thousand comma separate where appropriate inserts a fixed us dollar sign aligned at the left edge of the cell applies two decimals places and leaves a small amount of space at the right edge of the cell to accommodate a parenthesis for negative numbers is the what? The answer is accounting number format

What lets you copy the format of text and apply that format to different text?

The Format Painter.

Where can you apply for a cash back business credit card?

There are a number of places that you can apply for a cash back business credit card. Some places that you may want to try to apply at include Visa and Master Card.

Can the exact value of PI be calculated?

"Not as a decimal or fraction as there are an infinite number of digits." This is a common and useful answer. The *correct* answer is that PI is firstly an irrational number that cannot be calculated from any ratio (fraction). Secondly, PI is a transcendental number that, by the definition of "transcendental", cannot be exactly calculated. The nest you can do is to apply an infinite convergent series that becomes more and more accurate with more and more decimal places.