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"Not as a decimal or fraction as there are an infinite number of digits."

This is a common and useful answer.

The *correct* answer is that PI is firstly an irrational number that cannot be calculated from any ratio (fraction).

Secondly, PI is a transcendental number that, by the definition of "transcendental", cannot be exactly calculated.

The nest you can do is to apply an infinite convergent series that becomes more and more accurate with more and more decimal places.

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Q: Can the exact value of PI be calculated?
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Exact value of pi to 10 decimal places?

3.1415926536 is to 10 places but not exact. The only exact value of pi is pi itself. So any exact answer involving pi would include pi in the answer.

Can you find the circumference of a circle using the exact value for pi?

No, because pi has no exact value, it is neverending. You can get close by using 3.14, but never will you get it exactly right. Up to date, about 4 trillion digits have been calculated.

How can you calculate the exact value of pi?

22 divided by 7 * * * * * That is an APPROXIMATE value of pi. The exact value cannot be calculated since pi is a transcendental number - a special kind of irrational number. It has an infinite decimal representation with no recurring pattern. That would be true in any base - binary, octal, or another base (other than pi itself, or a power of pi).

Could you find the circumference of a circle using the exact value for pi?

Yes, you could if you knew the exact value for pi as well as the diameter of the circle. Multiply the diameter by the exact value for pi to get the circumference. However, it is impossible because the exact value for pi is not known. It is only known to about a trillion decimal places, but the exact value is not known.

Who calculated the value of pi?


What value of pi did the Egyptians calculate?

The Egyptians calculated pi to be 3.16.

What is the exact history of mathematical pi?

The circumference of any circle when divided by its diameter has the exact value of pi

What is the rounded exact value of pi?


Who calculated the value of pi as 3.1416?


What are some famous mathematical problems pi?

If the value of pi is the circumference of any circle divided by its diameter then what is the true exact value of pi? Why is it that the exact area of a circle can never be found?

What was the value of pi obtained by the babylo nians?

They gave it a value of about 3 but even today we do not know the exact value of pi

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