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Divide by 8 and you get 3 with 3 left over. so 27 is written as 33 in octal (base-8).

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Q: How do you calculate 27 to the base 8 system?
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What is the answer to 6174 base 8 multiplied by 27 base 8?

6174 base 8 = 6x83 + 1x82 + 7x8 + 4 = 3196 27 base 8 = 2x8 + 7 = 23 23 x 3196 = 73,508

What is the system name for base 8?


What is base 8?

The base 8 number system (shortened to oct) uses digits 0-7.

How long is the base of a triangle whose area is 108 and height is 8?

The area of a triangle is one half base times height. 1/2 Base Height = Area 1/2 Base 8 = 108 Base 8 = 216 Base = 27

How do you calculate 16 is 8 percent of what number?

16 is 8 percent of 200. Given: Percentage = 16 ; Rate = 8% Find: Base Formula: Base = Percentage/Rate Solution: Base = 16/8% = 16/0.08 = 200

What is 23 plus 35?

What is the base of your number system? The answer is: 58 in base 10 and base 16 60 in base 8

How do you solve log base16 8?

You divide log 8 / log 16. Calculate the logarithm in any base, but use the same base for both - for example, ln 8 / ln 16.

What is the base 8 number system also called?


What numeral system is number 8 represented as 22?

The ternary, or base 3, system.

How many symbols exist in the base of a number?

The number of symbols in the base of a number is equal to the base. Thus if the base is 2, there are two symbols, if the base is 8, there are eight symbols, if the base is 10, then there are ten symbols, if the base is 16, then there are sixteen symbols. Note that in each case "0" is a symbol. Also the base itself is not in the set of symbols. Thus there is no symbol for "2" in the base 2 system, no symbol for "8" in the base 8 system and so on. In each case the base is represented by the combination of the primitive symbols that run from 0 through (base - 1). Thus two in the base 2 system is represented as 10, eight in the base 8 system is represented by 10, and so on.

How do you get 1.3 from log8(16) (The 8 is a subscript)?

The answer is actually 4/3, or about 1.333. Calculators usually can only calculate logarithms in base e (2.718...) and in base 10. To calculate in another base, you use the change-of-base formula; in this case: log8(16) = log10(16) / log10(8) Or any other base; for example, using natural logarithms: log8(16) = ln(16) / ln(8)

What is the radix of the octal system?

octal is also called base 8

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