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Q: How do you calculate 9 to 2 decimal places?
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What is 2 ninths as a decimal to 2 decimal places?

2/9 to two decimal places is 0.22 .

What is .9 rounded to two decimal places?

.9 is already rounded to 1 decimal place. To 2 dp it is 0.90

How do I calculate 9 as a percentage of 29?

It is: 9/29 times 100/1 = 47.368% rounded to three decimal places

How is 1 two ninths written as a decimal?

1 2/9 = 1.22222222222 = 1.22 (rounded to 2 decimal places)

What is the decimal approximation to 9 decimal places?

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How do you write 2 over 9 as a decimal?

2 over 9 as a decimal = 0.2222 2/9: = 2 ÷ 9 = 0.2222 in decimal

What is 9 divided by 423?


What is 2.73762 to 2 decimal places?

In order to take a number to 2 decimal places, you first consider only the digits that are 2 decimal places in or greater. In this case that would be 2.73. The next step is to asses the thousandths digit. If it is 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, we round up. Otherwise, we leave the number as it is. In this case, the digit is a 7, so we round up. Thus 2.73762 to 2 decimal places is 2.74

Is pii equaled to 3.14?

Not exactly. To 2 decimal places, pi is 3.14 To 7 decimal places, pi is 3.1415927 To 9 decimal places, pi is 3.141592654 pi does not terminate - it can be expressed to as many decimal places as required. 3.14 is often used as an approximation when doing calculations as it's easier to work with (than 3.141592653... ).

How do the number of decimal places in your answers to exercises 6-9 compare to the number of decimal places in the factors?


What is the mental process to calculate twenty percent of ninety percent?

To work this in your head, make conversions. Twenty percent is 20/100 or .2 and ninety percent is 90/100 or .9, so if we want to multiply, we simply take 2 times 9 and get 18. But we need to account for the two decimal places in the original problem (the .2 and the .9). Move the decimal two places to the left, and 18 becomes .18, so the answer to twenty percent of ninety percent can be found by fairly simple arithmetic.

What is 6.78 x 10 -9 in decimal form?

6.78 x 10-9 in decimal form = 0.00000000678 (move the decimal point 9 places to the left)