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1yards = ? meters

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Q: How do you calculate flux density?
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How do you calculate magnetic flux density?

the poles of an electric motor have a cross sectional area of 2.5mm2. calculate the magnetic flux density in the pole when the total magnetic flux is 0.25Wb?

How do you calculate total flux when flux density and magnetic field strength has been?

once flux density is known multiply to it the area perpendicular to the flux lines . the product is the total flux passing through the area. If field strength is known , get the flux density by pultiplying to it the permeability of the medium. then flux can be obtained as above. from : govind Kunkolienker

How do you calculate magnetic flux?

You can calculate magnetic flux using the equation magnetic flux = magnetic flux density x Area There are also other formulas, but this is the main equation.

What is the equation that links magnetic flux and the magnetic flux density?

magnetic flux density = magnetic flux / area

What is flux density related to?

In case of electrostatics, flux density = electric field intensity and in case of magnetism, flux density = magnetic field induction

Relationship between flux density and field strength?

In simple terms, if flux density increases, then field strength increases and vice versa. The flux density is equivalent to field strength times with a variable.

Is electric flux density scalar or vector?

Electric flux density D (Vector) = epsilon* E (vector )

What is the unit of flux density?


How do you measure the strength of a magnet?

The strength of a magnet can be determined by measuring its flux density (B) which is expressed in teslas. The flux density will vary according to where relative to the magnet it is being measured. The instrument for doing this is a flux-density meter (which was called a 'gaussmeter' - 'gauss' being an obsolete unit of measurement for flux density, from the cgsA metric system).

What is the three characteristic of magnetic field line?

magnetic flux;flux density;lines of force

A unit of magnetic flux density?


What happens to the sideways force when flux density increases?


How iron area is decreased when flux density is more?

Your question is unclear, but flux density is a function of the cross-sectional area of the magnetic circuit in which the magnetic flux is established.Flux density (symbol: B) is defined as 'the flux per unit area'. If the flux is measured in webers (pronounced 'vay-bers') and the cross-sectional area is measured in square metres, then the flux density is measured in teslas(symbol: T) which is a special name given to a weber per square metre.

What is meaning of flux density?

Like the number of sunspots, the Flux Density Values reflect the Sun's magnetic activity, which affects the rate at which the Sun radiates energy and warmth.

How can you calculate tree density?

Weigh it, calculate its volume, then calculate density.

What is flux density?

Something that which produces a magnetic fieldThe magnetic field that surrounds a magnet is made up of magnetic flux (symbol, the Greek letter 'phi'), usually represented as lines in field diagrams. The SI unit for measuring magnetic flux is the weber (pronounced 'vay-ber'). The intensity of this flux (the closeness of the lines in diagrams) is called the flux density (symbol: B). Flux density is greatest in the areas nearest a magnet's poles. Flux Density is defined as 'flux per unit area', and is measured in webers per square metre which, in SI, is given the special name, the 'tesla'.

Magnetic flux density can be measured by using?


Which quantity has unit Tesla?

Magnetic flux density.

What is the unit of measurement for magnetic flux density?


What are sources of error when obtaining earth magnetic flux density experiment?

suggestion of the improvement in experiments magnetic flux?

What happens to the flux density if a conductor is made spiral?

it will burst out .

How do you calculate surface density?

How can you calculate surface density if the volume density is 1.4 g/cm3

What does a gaussmeter measure?

The gauss is an obsolete (cgsA) unit used to measure magnetic flux density, the modern (SI) unit being a tesla. A gaussmeter, therefore, is used to measure magnetic flux density.

What is the Relation between flux density and applied voltage in transformer?

the relation between magnetic flux density and applied voltage is proportional..that is why it is said that eddy current loss is proportional to square of the supply voltage

3 ways to calculate density?

there is only 1 way to calculate density.

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