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Perimeter of a round plate = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

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Q: How do you calculate perimeter of plate?
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Calculate the perimeter of 45.6m?

calculate the perimeter of 45.6m?

How you calculate for the perimeter of a trapezium?

yes u can calculate the perimeter of a trapezium

Can you calculate a perimeter of a rectangle but not the length of its sides?

no No. You need to know the length of a rectangle's sides in order to calculate the perimeter.

When do you need to calculate the perimeter of shapes?

Legnth of the sides and then you add them up to get the perimeter

What is the perimeter of a car number plate?

what is theperimeter of a cars number plate

What is the semi-perimeter of a triangle with side lengths 11 61 and 60?

Semi-perimeter means half the perimeter. Calculate the perimeter, then divide that by 2 to get the semi-perimeter.

If you have the area of a square how do you calculate the perimeter?

What you have to do is to Squarerootthe Perimeter then multiply the answer by 4For example if the area is 256 , and Perimeter is ?solution=Perimeter is 64Answered by Faustin,Obedi

Write an algorithm and draw flowchart to calculate the perimeter of a square?

write an algorithm and draw a flow chart to find perimeter of a square

How do you calculate the perimeter of a triangle?

-- Measure or calculate the length of one side. -- Measure or calculate the length of another side. -- Measure or calculate the length of the only remaining side. -- Add the three numbers. The sum is the perimeter of the triangle.

How do you calculate the perimeter of a circle?

The perimeter or circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

What is the area of a triangle that has a perimeter of 37?

The perimeter of a triangle does not provide sufficient information to calculate its area.

What does it mean when a question asks you to compute the perimeter?

Compute = calculate; perimeter = measurement of the outside edge.