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The blocks are of volume 1, 10, 100, 1000 cubic units.

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Q: How do you calculate the volume of a dienes block?
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What is a dienes block in mathematices?

dienes block are blocks used by students to demonstrate understanding of place value

How do you calculate the volume of a block?

Block being a box: Height * Length * Depth = Volume Giving the three dimensions available.

How do you calculate the volume of materials in concrete?

If it is a cubical block, the volume is simply length x height x width.

When was Katherine Dienes born?

Katherine Dienes was born in 1970.

When was Sari Dienes born?

Sari Dienes was born in 1898, in Hungary.

How is the volume o f the water displaced by the granite block compare to the volume of the granite block?

The amount of water displaced by the block is the volume of the block. so (volume of water with block in it)-(original volume of water)= volume of block

How do you calculate if a block of wood will float in water or not?

If the density of the block is less than the density of water, then the block will float. Density of water is close to 1 gram per cubic centimeter. So measure the block and calculate its volume (Length x Width x Height). Use a scale to find the block's mass. Then divide mass/volume to calculate density. If you've measured in grams and centimeters, then the units will be g/cm³, then compare this to 1 g/cm³.

What is the volume of a block with the dimensions 1.345 cm x 2.56 cm?

You need three linear measures (length, breadth and height) to calculate a volume.

What is the volume of a four inch hollow block?

What is a "four inch" hollow block ? ? ? In order to calculate the volume, three dimensions are required . . . length, width, and height. If all three dimensions of this block are equal ... 4 inches ... then the volume is 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 cubic inches.

When was Zoltán Pál Dienes born?

Zoltán Pál Dienes was born in 1916.

When was András Dienes born?

András Dienes was born on 1974-10-15.

How do you calculate the weight of a solid cement block 14.5x14.5x15?

Mass = volume x density. The volume is 3,153.75 units (whatever you measured it in) and then you need to multiply it by the density