How do you call this kind of decimal 0.44?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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A decimal to two digits, perhaps.

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Q: How do you call this kind of decimal 0.44?
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What do you call the kind of decimal that goes on forever and does not have digits which repeat?


How do you put 4.4 percent as a decimal?

When making a percent your move the decimal point over two spaces to the left. In your case the answer would be .044 %

Where does an 044 phone call come from?

Assuming you meant 0044 - the call originated from the UK.

513.073E228 What kind of call number is this?

It's a Dewey decimal number. This book would be about arithmetic.

What kind of decimal is 0.200200200200200200.?

a repeating decimal

What do you call an number with an decimal point?

A decimal fraction.

What is the gap on rs14yc?

Most applications, .040" Some applications call for .044" It depends on the vehicle.

What is 044 minus .035?

044 - .035 = 43.965You may have meant:.044 - .035 = .009

What do you call a decimal that never ends?

A non-terminating decimal.

Where do you get the word for decimal?

when we place point in a number we call it decimal

What is the phone number of icici bank madipakkam branch?

044-43584605 044-43584600 044-43584601 044-43584608 PANCHANANA TRIPATHY - Manager 9940161054

What kind of decimal has a repeating digit of zero?

A terminating decimal.