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Multiply it by a number that is large enough so that the numerator of the fraction becomes larger than its denominator.

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Q: How do you change a proper fraction into a inproper?
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How do i change a inproper fraction?

You replace the n by an m: the proper term is "improper fraction".

How do you divide a mixed number and a fraction?

You change the mixed number into an inproper fraction.

Do you have to change a inproper fraction to a mixed to simplify it?

yes you do of course you do

How do you change 9 and 2 over 3 into an inproper fraction?

The way that you change that fraction into an inproper fraction is by multiplying the 3 and the 9, then add the 2, and you divide it all by 3. So the answer would be 29 over 3.

How do you change 6 over 1 fourth to an inproper fraction?

You first change 1 forth to 1 fourth because otherwise it has no meaning. Then, 6 / (1/4) = 6 * (4/1) = 24/1 = 24, which is an integer, not an inproper (not inproper!) fraction.

How do you do dividing fractions and mixed numbers?

You change the mixed number into an inproper fraction.

How do you turn an inproper fraction into a decimal and a percent?

To change an inproper fraction to a decimal you divide the denominator by the numeratorand once you do that and you find your decimal you bring it over two times to the right.

What is the difference beatween a proper fraction and an inproper fraction?

A proper fraction is when its numerator is less than its denominator as for example 3/4 whereas an improper fraction is when its numerator is greater than its denominator as for example 9/2

What is 2.925 as a inproper fraction?


What is 147.3 as an inproper fraction?


3.9 as inproper fraction?

It is 39/10.

3.5 in a inproper fraction?

It is 7/2.

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