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By adding a ring.

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Q: How do you change the number of rings from 4 to 5?
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How do you change 23 5 into a mixed number?

4 and 3/5

How do you change an integer subtraction expression into an integer addition expression?

By changing the sign of the second number.

How many rings are on the oylinpic flag?

The number of rings on a Olympic flag is 5

How do you change 4.625 into a mixed number?

4 and 5/8

How many rings are there in Neptune?


What has the number 5 in relation to i.e. 5 rings of the olympics?

The number 5 was (and still is in some place) a sacred number. There are many symbols in ancient civilizations that have something to do with the number 5. Olympics started in Ancient Greece and the greeks assigned the symbol of 5 rings to it.

Change 22 over 5 to a mixed number?

22/5 is changed into 4 and 2/5

How mean rings does Kobe have?

kobe have 4 to 5 rings but lebron is going to have more

What are the steps in multiplying dissimilar fractions?

Multiply the numerators and denominators. Simplify if needed. Ex. 4/5 x 5/10 = 20/50 or 2/5 Cross Cancellation: If there's a number in the numerator and denominator that are both divisible by a number, divide it with that number and multiply Ex. 4 10 -- x -- = N 5 16 *Change 4 to 1 and change 16 to 4. *Change 10 to 2 and change 5 to 1. Turns out like this: 1 2 2 1 -- x -- = -- or -- 1 4 4 2 by: Bella

How do you convert a whole number to a mixed number?

A whole number could be converted to a mixed number, but that might only be useful when subtracting a mixed number from a whole number. To change a whole number to a mixed number, simply take one away from the whole number and then change the 1 to a fraction that is equivalent to 1 (numerator and denominator are the same). For example 5 - 2 1/4. To subtract, you might want to change the 5 to 4 4/4. Then, you can subtract 1/4 from 4/4 to get 3/4 and 2 from 4 to get 2. The answer is 2 3/4.

Do mood rings work if they are 5 bucks?

Mood rings do not change on account of your mood, then change account of the temperature. When the temperature changes, the color of the ring changes.

How do you change 5.25 into a fraction or mixed number?

525/100 5 and 25/100 5 and 1/4