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Kilometers measure distance; hours measure time- you can not convert distance to time. its just silly to try to convert measurement to time.

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Q: How do you convert 400 kilometers to hours?
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What was the average sPEED in meters per second of a car that travels 400 kilometers in 5 hours?

a) Divide the kilometers by the hours, to get the speed in kilometers per hour. b) Divide this result by 3.6, to convert to meters/second.

Convert 400 meters to 3 kilometers?

You cannot convert 400 meters to 3 kilometers. They are two different lengths. 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters. 3 kilometers would be 3,000 meters. 400 meters would be 0.4 kilometers

Convert 400 meters into kilometers?

0.4 km

How do you convert engine hours to kilometers?

by dividing the kilometers you have traveled by the hours you have moved

What was the average speed in kilometers per hour of a car that travels 400 kilometers in 5 hours?

Average speed = Distance/Time = 400 km /5 hours = 80 km per hour.

How do you convert hours and minutes into kilometers?

You can't. Units of time don't convert to units of distance.

How many BTU in 400Watt hours?

To convert 400 Watt hours to BTU, you need to multiply by 3.412 to get the energy in BTU. So, 400 Watt hours is equivalent to approximately 1364.8 BTU.

How do you convert 400 kilometers into meters?

multiply by 1000. 1 km=1000 meters. 400 km= 400,000 meters. kilo MEANS 1000.

What is the speed of a car going 400 kilometers in 7.5 hours?

53.3 repeating kph ========================= Its speed is exactly 400 km per 7.5 hours. To convert that into units with which you may be more familiar: -- (53 and 1/3) km per hour -- 33.14 miles per hour (rounded) -- 89,079.8 furlongs per fortnight (rounded)

Distance in kilometers between doha and dammam?

around 400 Km / 3-4 hours

How far is Winnipeg MB from Dickinson ND?

About 7 hours with 400 miles or 643 kilometers.

How many centimeters are in 400 kilometers?

4.6 kilometers is 460,000 centimeters.