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Sum all the data values together: this is the whole. To convert each data value into a percentage, divide it by the whole and multiply by 100.

To convert the percentage into an angular measure in degrees, multiply the percentage by 3.6

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Q: How do you convert data values into percent of a whole and then convert percent to degrees to construct a circle graph?
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How many degrees are in six percent of a circle?

1 percent of a circle is 3.6 degrees, so in 6 percent of a circle there are 3.6 * 6 = 21.6 degrees

How many degrees is 75 percent of a circle?

A whole circle is 360 degrees so 75% of a circle is 270 degrees.

How do you convert a 45 degrees into a percentage?

45 degrees is 12.5% of a circle.

How many degrees is 50 percent in a circle?

180 degrees

What percent of a circle graph measures 18 degrees?

18 degrees is 5% on a circle graph.

What percent of circle graph is 43.2 degrees?

A circle is 360 degrees, so the answer is 43.2/360.

Rewrite 95 percent in radian measure as a multiple of pi?

Assuming that this is 95 percent of a revolution, you can convert the percent to degrees by turning the percent into a decimal (.95) and multiplying that by the number of degrees in a circle (360) Degrees = 360 *.95 = 342 degrees Radians = Degrees * pi/180 Radians = 342 * pi/180 342 / 180 = 1.9 Radians = 1.9pi

What is 12.5 percent of a circle written in degrees?

45 degrees A circle has 360 degrees. 12.5% * 360 degrees = 0.125 * 360 degrees = 45 degrees

How many degrees are 65 percent of a circle?

There are 360 degrees in a full revolution. Therefore, 65 percent of a full circle is equal to 0.65 x 360 = 234 degrees.

What is 19 percent in degrees?

19% = 68.4 degrees of a full circle.

How many degrees of a whole circle is 6.25 percent?

We call a whole circle "360" degrees. 6.25% of the circle = (0.0625 x 360) = 22.5 degrees

How do you convert degrees into percents?

Don't know if there is formula for converting degrees to percent, but here's a thought: Imagine a clockface with just the minute hand. When the hand makes a full circle, it has traveled 360 degrees for 100% of the circle. When the hand points to 3, it has traveled 45 degrees for 25% of the circle. The 6 is at 180 degrees and 50%. The 9 is at 270 degrees and 75%. You could break it down from there.