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1 percent of a circle is 3.6 degrees, so in 6 percent of a circle there are 3.6 * 6 = 21.6 degrees

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Q: How many degrees are in six percent of a circle?
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Six Jay Hernandez was narrator Carlos Greene in "Six Degrees".

How many degrees is one sixth of a circle?

You can say virtually all circles are simply 360 degrees, therefore, one sixth would be 60 degrees because: 360 divided by six would equal 60

How many degrees is a six sided shape?

it is is 36 degrees who wouldn't know that

Sixty degrees is how many degrees?

The questions is poorly worded as sixty degrees is simply 60 degrees, just as six inches is 6 inches or six apples are 6 apples. In measuring temperature, 60 degrees Celsius is equal to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and 60 degrees Fahrenheit equals 15.55556 degrees Celsius. In measuring an angle, sixty degrees is one sixth of a circle, or the angle formed between the hour and minute hands of a clock at 2:00.

How do you write in word for 0.06 percent?

Six hundredths percent OR six hundredths of one percent.

What does 60 percent in a pie chart of six sections look like?

It will cover an arc of 216 degrees of the circumference

What is one percent of six?

One percent of six is 0.06 or six hundredths.

How many degress does the minute hand move every second.Explain?

It moves 0.1 degrees per second. There are 360 degrees in a full circle - so, every minute that passes, the hand moves six degrees. Thus, every second, the hand moves one tenth of a degree (6 degrees divided by 60).

How many degrees of injection pump timing of nissan straight six diesel engine?

The degrees of injection pump timing of nissan straight six diesel engine is 90 degrees.

What is the circumference of a six foot circle?

The circumference of a six-foot diameter circle is: 18.85 feet.

What is the duration of Six Degrees?

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How many degrees does a six-sided shape have?

there is 720 degrees in a si sided figure

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