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change it to a decimal. then change it to a fraction. and then reduce it

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2008-12-02 11:19:14
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Q: How do you convert percentages to fractions in simplest form Eg... 7 over 8 percent equals?
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Convert the following 59 percent to fractions in simplest form?

59 % = 59/100 which is in its simplest form.

What is 12 percent in simplest form?

You cannot simplify percentages or decimals. You can only simplify fractions. So 12% as a fraction in its simplest form is 3/25.

Why is it easier to compare percent than fractions?

Because percentages are essentially the numerators of fractions with the same denominator, 100.

How do you convert fractions with percent signs into normal fractions?

by dividing the number by 100.

How do you convert liters of oxygen into percent?

You don't seem to quite understand the concept of percentages. Percent of what?

What makes percent easier than fractions?

Percentages are easier for some purposes, harder for other.

What is 70 percent into fractions in the simplest form?


What is 20 percent into fractions in the simplest form?


What is 30 percent into fractions in the simplest form?


What is 35 percent written as a decimal and fraction in simplest form?

Divide percent values by 100 to convert them to fractions. Therefore, 35 % = 35/100 = 7/20. The decimal equivalent is 0.35

What is the link between percentages and fractions?

divide to change the fraction into a decimal and multiply by 100 to change the decimal to a percent.

What is percent 80 is 100?

When calculating with percentages, one method is to first convert them to decimals or fractions. Using the decimal method, 80%=0.8 and 100%=1. Therefore, the literal translation of you question would read "0.8 x 1 = 0.8". 0.8 is the decimal answer. If you wanted a percentage answer, you would convert this back to 80%. Kind of a nonsense question, though. You usually do not take percentages of percentages.

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