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1 rotation/1 min * 1 min/60s * (2*Pi radian/1 rotation)

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Q: How do you convert revolution per minute to radian per second?
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How do you convert revolution per min to rad per second?

('X' rev/minute) x (2 pi radian/rev) x (1 minute/60 sec) = 2 pi X/60 = 0.10472 Xrad/sec (rounded)

How do you convert revolution per minute to revolution per second?

Divide the RPM by 60.

What is the radian degree minute second equivalent for the grad 77.0000?

Radian: 1.21Degrees: 69.3Minutes: 4,158Seconds: 249,500

What is the angular speed of a driver in radian per second if it takes him one minute to go one revolution around a circular race track at 130km per hour?

2pi/60 or pi/30 radians per second

A wheel is revolving at steady rate of 120 revolution per minute its angular velocity in radians per second is closest to?

actually 1revolution=360 degrees, then 120 revolutions=360*120 (degrees)=43200degrees now degrees to radian is simple 43200 degrees=43200*PI/180=240pi radians now we can write as 120 revolution/minute=240pi radians/minute to convert minute into sec we multiply by 60 so as min is in denominator so we sill devide it by 60, 120 revolution/minute=240pi/60 radians/sec=4pi ans = 4pi

How do you convert RPM to radians per second?

(x radians / second) x (1 revolution / 2 pi radians) x (60 seconds / minute)= (60x) / (2 pi) (revolution / minute)Multiply (radians per sec) by (60)/(2 pi) = 9.5493(rounded) to get RPM.

How to Convert feet per minute to inches per second?

-- to convert the feet to inches, multiply by 12-- to convert the minute to second, divide by 60-- combining these operations, take (feet per minute) and multiply by (12/60) = 0.2

What is the angular speed of the minute hand in radian per second?

Angular speed = 2*pi radians per 60 seconds = pi/30 radians per second.

How do you convert centimeters per second to meters per minute?

Centimeters per second x 0.6 = meters per minute

How do you convert centimeters per second to feet per minute?

Conversion: cm per second x 1.969 = feet per minute

How do you convert 100km per second to millimeters per minute?

Use this conversion: km per second x 60,000,000 = millimeters per minute.

How do you convert 200 feet per minute to miles per second?

Conversion: feet per minute x 0.000003157 = miles per second