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dived one by eight to get your answer

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Q: How do you convert the fraction one eighth into a decimal?
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How do convert one eighth into a decimal?

one eighth into a decimal = 0.125 The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by" 1/8 = 1 divided by 8 = 0.125

Convert 18 to a decimal?

18 (eighteen) is an integer and does not need to be "converted to a decimal"1/8 (one eighth) is a fraction and can be converted into a decimal: 0.125

How do you convert tewelve and one eighth into a decimal?


How do you convert one- eighth into a fraction?


How do you convert five and one eighth to a decimal?

Converting fractions to decimals?First, convert one eighth into a decimal.'One eighth' is expressed as a fraction, and to work out the decimal, you first need to understand what it really means.Every number is a fraction, all you do is place the number over 1.The fraction bar means 'divided by'. Knowing this, it's easy to work out this answer.One eighth = 1/8 or 1 DIVIDED BY 8.Pop this in your calculator, and you should get 0.125.Add the 5, and your answer is 5.125.NB: The same operation is used for all fractions.

How is one eighth written as a decimal fraction?

one eight is .125 .

What is the decimal expansion fraction one eighth?

0.125 = 1/8

How do you convert one eighth to a decimal?

Divide 1 by 8.2/5ths as a decimal is 0 .40

What is one eighth as a fraction?

The number 1/8 is already expressed as a proper fraction. Expressed as a decimal fraction, it is equal to 0.125.

How do you convert one eighth into a decimal without using a calculator?

Divide the numerator by the denominator

How do you tell if a decimal is smaller than a fraction?

Generally, it's easier to convert a fraction to a decimal than the reverse, but either way, convert one to the other and compare them.

How do you convert a decimal into a fraction?

Example: Let's say you have the decimal 0.25, which is read as 25 one-hundredths. You can convert this to the fraction 25/100, and then simplify to 1/4.

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