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one eight is .125 .

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Q: How is one eighth written as a decimal fraction?
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Related questions

How do you write one eighth as a fraction?

One eighth as a fraction is 1/8

How do you convert the fraction one eighth into a decimal?

dived one by eight to get your answer

What is the decimal expansion fraction one eighth?

0.125 = 1/8

What is one eighth written as a decimal?


What is one eighth as a fraction?

The number 1/8 is already expressed as a proper fraction. Expressed as a decimal fraction, it is equal to 0.125.

What is 3 and one eighth written as a decimal?


How is one eighth written decimal form?


How do convert one eighth into a decimal?

one eighth into a decimal = 0.125 The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by" 1/8 = 1 divided by 8 = 0.125

How do you turn 0.125 into a mixed number?

The decimal fraction 0.125 can be written as 1/8 or one eighth, but it cannot be made into a mixed number, since it is less than one. The term mixed number refers to a number that is expressed as both an integer and a fraction, such as three and a third. You can't do that with an eighth.

How is three and one eighth written as an improper fraction?

three and one eighth is written like this 25/8. UR WELCOME.

What decimal is equivalent to one-eighth?

To determine the decimal for any given fraction all you need to do is simply divide the numerator by the denominator. For this fraction (1/8) you divide 1 by 8 to get 0.125

How do you write one eighth as a decimal?

1/8 written as a decimal is 0.125

How do you write one eighth of a teaspoon in decimal form?

One eighth is written " 0.125 ".The word or unit after it tells what it's one-eighth of .

If there was a table where one eighth is added every time and the fraction is turned into a decimal what is the important information?

The number increases by 0.125 at each step.

Write each decimal as a fraction in simplest form?

Each one of the given decimals has been written as a fraction.

How do you convert five and one eighth to a decimal?

Converting fractions to decimals?First, convert one eighth into a decimal.'One eighth' is expressed as a fraction, and to work out the decimal, you first need to understand what it really means.Every number is a fraction, all you do is place the number over 1.The fraction bar means 'divided by'. Knowing this, it's easy to work out this answer.One eighth = 1/8 or 1 DIVIDED BY 8.Pop this in your calculator, and you should get 0.125.Add the 5, and your answer is 5.125.NB: The same operation is used for all fractions.

How do you write 11.751 as a fraction or decimal in its simplest form?

It is already written as a decimal in it's simplest form. 11 751/1000 is one way to write the fraction.

Is five and one eighth considered an integer?

No. An integer is a WHOLE number. A number with a decimal place or a fraction is not an integer :)

What is one eighth as an decimal?


What is the decimal for one eighth?


One eighth is what decimal?


How do you make a fraction a percent?

Divide the upper number by the lower number, move the decimal and presto, there's your percentage....example one eighth is normally written with the number one on the top and the eight on the bottom....try it on a calculator 1 divided by eight you'll get 0.125....move the decimal over two places to the right and you get 12.5%

What fraction is 3 x one eighth?

Three times one eighth is three eighths.

One and one eighth equels what decimal?


What is one eighth of one percent in decimal?