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Number of triangles in a polygon = number of sides-2

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Q: How do you count no of triangles are there in given triangle question?
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How many triangles exist with the given side lengths 4cm 4cm 7cm. Only one triangle No triangles or infinite triangles?

It is an isosceles triangle with 2 equal sides.

What is the length in inches of a triangles altitude if its base is thirty-two inches?

I suppose by "length of a triangles altitude" you mean height. The height of the triangle in question cannot be determined from the information given. In order to determine the height of the triangle, two dimensions must be known.

How many triangles exist with the given side lengths 3cm 4cm 2cm?

A scalene triangle is one type of triangle that will be formed from the given dimensions.

How do you find out the height of a triangle if only the 3 angles are given?

It is impossible to find a triangle if only angle measures are given (all similar triangles have the same angles).

How many triangles exist with the given side lengths?

Exactly one unique triangle exists with the given side lengths.thank u...

Is this a right triangle Ratio?

Given that there is no "this" given in the question, it is impossible to say!

How many triangles in dimensions 3 and 7 and 8?

You can only make one triangle with the given units

What is the dimension of a triangle if the area is 144 cm?

There are with infinitely many possible dimensions for triangles with a given area.

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle with grid paper and no given sides?

count the grids

How many triangles exist with the given side lengths 4m 4m 7m?

A triangle with two equal sides is an isosceles triangle and you can have as many as you like.

How many distinct triangles are there given?

It depends on the question you are asked. There are never 3 distinct triangles; there can only be 0,1, or 2 distinct triangles. Idk if that helps because the question is kinda general.

How do you find the area of triangle using given coordinates?

Simple. Just multiply the base by the height of the triangle, and divide it into two. This works for all types of triangles.

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