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If all the sides and all the angles are the same and in the same order, the shapes are congruent.

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Q: How do you decide a figure is congruent?
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What is the difference between a similar figure and a congruent figure?

A similar figure has the same interior angles as a congruent figure but its sides are in proportion to a congruent figure.

Is a square a solid figure with all congruent faces?

A square is not a solid figure at all. It's a flat figure, with four congruent faces and four congruent angles.

Which figure is congruent?

There's no such thing as one congruent figure. Two or more figuresare congruent if they have exactly the same shape and size.

What marks used on a figure to indicate congruent angles?

marks used on a figure to indicate congruent

How does a congruent figure look like?

A congruent figure is identical to another figure. Example would be like a circle with the radius of 12 meters, then the congruent figure would have to be a circle with a 12 meter radius.

Is a figure with a scale factor of 1 congruent or similar?


Are congruent figure similar?

Yes, congruent figures have to be similar

What is congruent diagonals each of which divides the figure into two congruent isosceles right triangles?

what is the congruent diagonals each of which divides the figure into two congruent isosceles right triangles

What is a solid figure with six congruent sides?

the solid figure with six congruent sides isva cube

What is the transformation that reduces or enlarges a figure?

congruent figure

What is a similar figure with the same proportion?

A congruent figure.

What standards does a congruent figure have to meet to be a congruent figure?

All interior angle measures and side lengths of one figure must be the same for the other figure.

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