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would be explained as X is greater than three.


Would be Two Times x plus three times three times three times three times three.

Actually that last one would be Two Times x plus three to the power of 5.

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Q: How do you describe an algebraic expression in words?
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What is an algebraic statement?

An algebraic statement is an algebraic expression or an algebraic equation written in words.

Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The difference is that an algebraic expression has numbers, symbols and variables, but a verbal expression has only words.

What is the antonym of algebraic expression?

There is no official antonym for algebraic expression. The only thing that is the opposite of an algebraic expression is something that is not an algebraic expression.

How can you describe a pattern with an algebraic expression?

Describe what specifically about it makes it a pattern. What about it repeats and why that repetition is unique.

What best describe the algebraic expression 7 x plus 12 -4?

The best algebraic expression for 7 x plus 12 -4 is 7x+8.

How can i Differentiate between an algebraic expression and polynomial?

A polynomial is always going to be an algebraic expression, but an algebraic expression doesn't always have to be a polynomial. An algebraic expression is an expression with a variable in it, and a polynomial is an expression with multiple terms with variables in it.

Differentiate of polynomial and algebraic expression?

A polynomial is always going to be an algebraic expression, but an algebraic expression doesn't always have to be a polynomial. In another polynomial is a subset of algebraic expression.

How is an algebraic expression different form an algebraic equation?

An algebraic equation contains an equality sign whereas an algebraic expression has no equality sign

How will you describe the method of finding the feasible solution or roots of rational algebraic expression?

if i ask

Can an algebraic expression be solved for the variable?

Of course! that is the objective of the algebraic expression, isn't it?

How is order of operations used when evaluating algebraic expression?

The 4.977.WE.36 helps the algebraic expression

What is the definition of algebraic expression-?

An algebraic expression are terms that do not include an equality sign.

Examples of definition of rational algebraic expression?

A rational algebraic expression is the ratio of two algebraic expressions. That is, one algebraic expression divided by another. It is important that the domain is defined in such a way the the rational expression does not involve division by 0.

Is an exponential expression an algebraic expression?


Algebraic expression containing an equal sign?

No an algebraic expression does not contain an equal sign.

What is algebraic expression?

An algebraic expression has 2 or more terms in it without an equality sign.

What is logically equivalent exprssions?

If an algebraic expression is equivalent to another algebraic expression then it is an equation.

When an algebraic expression has no like terms and no parentheses what is it called?

algebraic expression like terms

What is it called to find the value of an algebraic expression?

To find the value of an algebraic expression is to evaluate it.

What is this expression as an algebraic expression cos parenthesis arccosx-arcsinx parenthesis?

The above expression cannot be expressed in an algebraic form.

Is 12z-18 a numerical expression or a algebraic expression?

It is an algebraic expression

Which phrase describes the algebraic expression x-21.5?

They are two terms of an algebraic expression.

How do you evaluate an algebraic expression when I know the value of each variable?

Replace each variables in the algebraic expression by its [known] value and calculate the value (ie evaluate) of the algebraic expression.

What is the algebraic expression for 4b-3?


A number or an algebraic expression that is a factor of two or more numbers of algebraic expression is what?

a common factor

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