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The surface area of a closed cylinder is equal to (2 times the area of the base) plus (the height times the circumference of the base)

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Q: How do you determine the area of a cylinder?
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How do you find the diameter of a cylinder when the lateral area is given?

Given only the lateral area, you cannot determine the diameter.

Can you find the exact measurement of a cylinder?

What do you mean by "exact measurement"? Do you wish to determine the cylinder's height? Its diameter? Its surface area? Its volume?

Why is the volume pi r h for a cylinder?

pi r^2 h is used to determine the volume of a cylinder because when determing the area of a shape you first have to determine the area of the the base of the object and then multiply it by the height. The base of a cylinder is a circle and to find the area of a circle you use pi r^2 and hence the reason why pi r^2 is used to find the volume of the cylinder.

How do you determine segment area of a cylinder?

i will give you a link to a page that explains it.

What is the radius and height of cylinder with a surface area of 32 square feet?

The surface area does not provide enough information to determine the dimensions of the cylinder. It could be a tall thin cylinder or a squat one. It is possible for two such to have the same surface area but vastly different volumes.

How do you determine cubic foot in a cylinder?

Area of base X height Area of base is pi X r2 r is radius pi = 3.1416

Volume of a paper clip?

Think of a paper clip as a cylinder that has been bent into a specific shape. Determine the volume of the cylinder, and you have the volume of the paper clip. So, the area of the end of the cylinder x length of the cylinder = volume of the paper clip.

How do you derive of surface area of cylinder?

The surface area of a cylinder can be derived from the area of rectangle. If you 'unroll' a cylinder you have a shape of a rectangle, similar to a sheet of paper. The width of the rectangle will be the height of the cylinder and the length of the rectangle will be the circumference of the cylinder end.So, Area = length * widthwhere, width = height of cylinder & length = circumference of cylinder end = PI*(Diameter of cylinder)Therefore,surface area of a cylinder = (PI)*(diameter of cylinder)*(height of cylinder)Hope that helps!

Cubic feet in a cylinder?

Your question is unanswerable, as asked, but you can easily calculate the volume of a cylinder once you know its size. To determine the volume of a cylinder, you need to find the area of the circle, and then multiply that by the height of the cylinder. (Pi X Radius squared X height) Good luck.

What is the area of the base of a cylinder in 5cm and 21cm?

Area of the base of a cylinder = pi*radius2

How do you find the area of the base for a cylinder?

The area for the base of a cylinder is the area of a circle. pi times radius squared.

Is the volume of a cylinder the same as the surface area of a cylinder?


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