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The surface area of this cylinder is 2,111.15 square feet.

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Q: What is the surface area of a cylinder with diameter 24ft and height 16ft?
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What is the volume of a cylinder if it is 16ft in height and 10ft in width?

The volume is 1,256.64 cubic feet.

What is the volume of a cylinder that has a diameter of 16 ft and height of 10 ft?

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V = πr2h, where π is pi (3.14159), r is radius, and h is height. To get the radius, you divide the diameter by 2. So the radius is 16ft/2 = 8ft. Now you can plug your known values into the formula: V = πr2h = (3.14159)(8ft)2(10ft) = 2010.6ft3

What is the circumference of a 16ft diameter pool?


What is the total area of this cylinder?

r=7ft h=16ft

What would be the slant height if you have a height of 8ft and a diameter of 16ft?

Use the pythagorean theorem. Radius is 8 feet so the square root of two times right squared is eight times square root of two feet.

What is the outside distance of a 16 foot diameter circle?

By outside distance, do you mean the circumference? The circle has a diameter of 16ft, its circumference is 3.14*16=50.24ft

How do you find the volume of the cylinder 10ft by 16ft?

Volume in cubic feet = cross-section area*length

What is the average height of a full grown giraffe?

The average height of full grown males are 17-18 ft. tall and the average height of females are 14-16ft. tall

How many gallons are in a tank 16ft diameter and 2ft deep?

A tank this size holds up to 3,004(3,003.967872) gallons.

How many cubic feet of dirt is in a hole if you dig a hole 16ft diameter 8ft deep?

No dirt because its a hole

How many feet in a 16ft diameter?

Feet and feet are the same unit of measurement. Therefore, 16 feet is equal to 16 feet.

How many square metres is 16ft by 16ft?

256ft² = 23.8m²

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