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1. Find the surface area of the whole cylinder

2. Find the area of one of the two circles on either end of the cylinder

3. Multiply the circle's area by two and subtract their area from the total surface area

4. Now you have the surface area of an unclosed cylinder!

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Q: How do you find the curved surface area of a cylinder?
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How do you find the height of a cylinder if the area of the curved surface and the radius is given?

2(pi)(r)(h)=the area of the curved surface

How do you find the curved surface area of sphere?

Surface area of a sphere = 4*pi*radius2

How do you find the surface area of ANY 3D solid?

The surface area of a polyhedron can be calculated by first calculating the area of each of its polygonal surfaces and adding these together.The surface area of some curved solids (sphere, cylinder, cone) can be calculated from formula but for most curved solids are more complicated and require integration.

How do you find the surface area of a capsule?

Shape of capsule: A circular cylinder with hemispheres mounted on both sides. Radius of each hemisphere is equal to the radius of cylinder. Let the length of the cylinder be h. Surface area of capsule = Curved surface area of cylinder + Curved Surface area of two hemispheres Surface area of capsule = 2 x pi x r x h + 2 x 2 x pi x r x r = 2 x pi x r x (h+2r)

On what part of a cylinder would you find the soup can label?

The label is placed on the curved surface area of the cylinder. Its area can be found using the formula A = 3.14dh where d is the diameter and h is the height of the can. It is rectangular in shape.

What formula would find the lateral area of a right cylinder where h is the height and r is the radius?

The curved surface area is 2*pi*r*h square units.

The radius of a cylinder is 4 and the height of the cylinder is 10 Find the surface area?

Total surface area is 351.86 units2.

How do you find the height of a cylinder if you have the circumference and the surface area?

you divide the surface area by the circumference.

Find the surface area of the right triangular prism?

the defnition of find the surface area of triangular prism and cylinder

How would you find the surface area of a cylinder with a cylinder bored out of it?

if the cylinder is on the inside, it would not affect the surface area. otherwise, subtract the part of the inside cylinder that touches the outside from the cylinder

How do you find surface area and volume of cylinder?

Surface Area: 2πr2 + 2πrh Volume: πr2h

How would you find the surface area of a cylinder with circle bored out of it?

Actually, answer 1 is for the volume, not the surface area. Aside from that, there are lots of ways to bore a hole in a cylinder. If it goes from one base (a flat face) to the other (or part of the way) parallel to the axis, answer 1 is correct (for the volume). If it is not parallel to the axis, or if it is bored from the curved surface of the cylinder, it is much more complicated. Assuming, as in answer 1, that the hole goes all the way from one base to the other parallel to the axis, to get the surface area you would add the surface area of the outer cylinder to that of the hole (just the curved surface portion), and then subtract the areas of the circular holes in the two bases, each of which is pi x the radius of the hole squared. I'm assuming you know how to calculate the surface area of a cylinder. This is the area of the curved surface, which is 2 x pi x the radius x the height, plus 2 x the area of each base, which is pi x the radius squared. ========================================================== Use the formula:- Volume of a cylinder = Pi X Radius squared X Length , to find the volume of a solid cylinder. Repeat the same calculation with the same formula, to find the Volume of the cylinder of fresh air within the cylinder . Subtract the fresh air Volume from the Solid Cylinder Volume. That will be your answer . Think about your problem, then it is dead easy.

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