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Dividing a decimal by a whole number is the same as multiplying the decimal by the whole number's reciprocal. Convert that fraction to its decimal equivalent and proceed.

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Q: How do you divide a decimal by a whole number?
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How do you convert a mixed number to a decimal?

Divide the fraction then put the whole number at the front of the decimal.

How do you turn a percent into a whole number?

To get a percent into a decimal, divide by 100.

How can you divide a decimal by a whole number?

Use the method of long division.

How do you divide a whole number into a decimal?

When you are dividing a decimal by a whole number you have to bring up the decimal. For example, 36.4 divided by 2, you would take the decimal that is between the 6 and the 4 in 36.4 and you bring it up. Then you divide like you normally would.

Why do you get a smaller answer when you divide a whole number by a decimal?

You may or you may not. If you divided by a decimal number that is greater than 1 then you will get a smaller number whereas if you divide by a number less than 1 then you will get a larger number.

How do you write a fraction as a decimal with a whole number?

Divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator) of the fraction and the number you come up with is your decimal.

What equals to 48?

If you divide a number times 48 and it equals to a whole number then that is the answer! But if it has a decimal as the answer then you have to use a different number

When you divide a decimal by a whole number what do you do with the remainder?

Put it off to the right side of the number as R(x)

How do you make a mixed number into a decimal?

change it into an improper fraction, then convert it to a decimal. Or just divide the fraction and add the whole number at the end.

Can you divide whole numbers into a decimal number?

yes, of course you can. for example, take any number and divide it by a bigger number. e.g. 10/100 = 0.1

What do you do when there is a decimal on the outside of division house?

To divide decimal numbers:If the divisor is not a whole number, move decimal point to right to make it a whole number and move decimal point in dividend the same number of places.Divide as usual. ...Put decimal point directly above decimal point in the dividend.Check your answer.

What does divide equally mean?

It means it comes out to an whole number. There would not be a fraction or a decimal point.

What are the difference between a decimal and a whole number?

The difference is that all whole numbers are decimal numbers, but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers. For example a whole number such as 1 is a decimal number but a decimal number such as 1.5 is not a whole number.

How do you divide a whole number by a persentige?

Sorry we do not know what you mean by "persentige". But if you mean "percentage", You divide the whole number by the decimal form of the percentage (i.e. 35% is .35) and then move the decimal to the right 2 places(or multiply by 100, same thing).

Can a decimal number be a whole number?

No. A whole number is a number with no fractional (decimal) part. Therefore a decimal number can not be a whole number. Another view: 35.0 is a whole number AND a decimal. The fact that a number is a decimal does not automatically require it to have a fractional part. Even 35 is a decimal number (without a decimal point).

How do you change a whole number to a decimal?

You can't change a whole number to a decimal. A decimal and a whole number are both numbers. A decimal is just a number lower than a whole number, or a number in between two whole numbers.

How do you divide a decimal number by a whole number?

Count the number of digits after decimal point. If the number of digits after point are 4, then multiply and dividethe given decimal number by 10000.(Here number of zeros are equal to the number of digits after point.)The number above dividing bar is now an integer, divide this integer by the given whole number. The result can be an integer or a decimal number. Now, divide this result by 10000 which is under by the dividing bar.e.g. 3.06/3 = (3.06x100)/(3x100) = 306/(3x100) = 102/100 = 1.02

Is 31 divisible by 2?

well yes, but you wil get a decimal number, not a whole number because you cant divide a odd number by an even number and get a whole number, 15.5 is the correct answer

What is one third in whole number?

there is no whole number for one third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is a fraction!!!!There is no whole number but there is a decimal. You divide 1 by 3 and you end up with 0.3 repeating.

What is 656 divided by 3?


How do you express a number as a decimal?

If its a fraction such as 3/4 then divide the denominator into the numerator which as a decimal is 0.75 but if its a whole number such as 15 then simply add .0 to the end of it and so 15 as a decimal is 15.0

How do you divide a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Multiply the denominator by the whole number, or divide the numerator by the whole number

What whole number will an even number always divide by?

what whole number will 8 always divide by?

Can a decimal be a whole number?

A decimal can only be a whole number when that whole number is written as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.

When you divide a whole number by a decimal less than 1 the quotion is greater than the whole number why?

If you divided the whole number by Anything greater than 1 and the answer would be less than the whole number.If you divide the whole number by 1 the answer would be the same as the whole number.When you go smaller than 1 - say 0.5 then this is the same as a half 1/2 and there are 2 halves in the number 1Thus if you divide the whole number by 0.5 the answer would be twice the whole number.