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Use the method of long division.

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Q: How can you divide a decimal by a whole number?
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How do you divide a decimal by a whole number?

Dividing a decimal by a whole number is the same as multiplying the decimal by the whole number's reciprocal. Convert that fraction to its decimal equivalent and proceed.

How do you convert a mixed number to a decimal?

Divide the fraction then put the whole number at the front of the decimal.

How do you turn a percent into a whole number?

To get a percent into a decimal, divide by 100.

How do you divide a whole number into a decimal?

When you are dividing a decimal by a whole number you have to bring up the decimal. For example, 36.4 divided by 2, you would take the decimal that is between the 6 and the 4 in 36.4 and you bring it up. Then you divide like you normally would.

Why do you get a smaller answer when you divide a whole number by a decimal?

You may or you may not. If you divided by a decimal number that is greater than 1 then you will get a smaller number whereas if you divide by a number less than 1 then you will get a larger number.

How do you write a fraction as a decimal with a whole number?

Divide the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator) of the fraction and the number you come up with is your decimal.

What equals to 48?

If you divide a number times 48 and it equals to a whole number then that is the answer! But if it has a decimal as the answer then you have to use a different number

When you divide a decimal by a whole number what do you do with the remainder?

Put it off to the right side of the number as R(x)

How do you make a mixed number into a decimal?

change it into an improper fraction, then convert it to a decimal. Or just divide the fraction and add the whole number at the end.

Can you divide whole numbers into a decimal number?

yes, of course you can. for example, take any number and divide it by a bigger number. e.g. 10/100 = 0.1

What do you do when there is a decimal on the outside of division house?

To divide decimal numbers:If the divisor is not a whole number, move decimal point to right to make it a whole number and move decimal point in dividend the same number of places.Divide as usual. ...Put decimal point directly above decimal point in the dividend.Check your answer.

What does divide equally mean?

It means it comes out to an whole number. There would not be a fraction or a decimal point.

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