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If the shape has high symmetry like a circle then it's easy to do. If not, measure the area, divide it by N (the number of pieces you want) and chop off that quanitity (N-1) times and, with the bit left over you will have N equal pieces.

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Q: How do you divide an area into equal pieces?
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When you do this to something you divide it into congruent pieces?

When you bisect something you divide it into two congruent (equal) pieces

Can you divide an oval into equal parts like fourths sixths and eighths?

You can divide any shape into smaller pieces so that all pieces have the same surface area. However, you can no longer divide an arbitrary shape (including an ellipse) into smaller pieces so that all pieces have the same shape.

Divide a circle into thirteenths?

To divide a circle into thirteenths, divide it into thirteen equal portions, or pieces.

Can you divide a star into 5 equal pieces?


How do you divide 8apples among 6 people equally?

You divide each apple into 3 equal pieces. You will then have 8 x 3 = 24 equal pieces. 24 pieces divided by 6 people = 4 pieces per person

What is a sentence for divide?

We will divide the pie into six equal pieces so everyone will have a slice.

What is it called when you divide something into 2 equal pieces?

Cutting them in half.

How do you divide a trapezium into four equal parts?

Divide it across the diagonals - all four pieces will be the same.


Cut every apple in 7 equal pieces making it a total of 21 equal pieces. Then give everyone 3 pieces.

How do you divide a circle into 10 equal pieces without a compass?

Use a protractor and divide it into 36 degree wedges.

How do you divide a hexagon into nine equal parts?

Divide it into 72 pieces, group them into groups of 8. DoNe

How do you divide a circle into four equal pieces?

From the center of the circle, draw like a cross from there.