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When you bisect something you divide it into two congruent (equal) pieces

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Q: When you do this to something you divide it into congruent pieces?
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What are congruent halves?

They occur when you divide something on a line of symmetry.

To divide into 2 congruent parts?

to cut something in half equally

What is to divide into two congruent parts?

It is when you divide an object or number into two equal numbers/segments. For example, cutting a pizza in half will give you two congruent parts. If a human was symmetrical, and you sliced them down the middle you would have two congruent parts.

What does it mean to subdivide?

It means to divide something into smaller pieces.

What is it called when you divide something into 2 equal pieces?

Cutting them in half.

What is the analogy of cut?

To divide something into smaller and smaller pieces until you won't be able to divide it anymore.

To divide into two congruent parts?

I'm assuming you mean "What does dividing into two congruent parts mean?". It means to divide into two identical halves.

To divide a line into two congruent parts?

it is when you divide a line into two equal parts.

Can you divide a trapezium into two congruent triangles?

No, you cannot.

Means to divide into two congruent parts?


Are square diagonals divide it into congruent triangles?


How can you divide squares in to 1 eighths?

by dividing by 6 .and if the eighth is whole then divide by 7 .________________________I have a different take; if I have misunderstood the question then I trust a kind contributor will delete this contribution. The questioner may be asking how to divide a square into pieces each one eighth the size of the original square. The pieces will be right triangles of equal size. They will not all be congruent with one another, however. Four will be congruent with each other, and the remaining four will be congruent with each other. Draw lines connecting opposite vertices; they will meet at the center. Then draw lines connecting the centers of opposite sides.Another way is to end up with 8 identical rectangles. Divide the width into 8 equal parts, and divide the height into 8 equal parts. For example: a square 8 inches per side. Then divide the square into 4 inch by 2 inch rectangles. There will be 8 of them.