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using the short or long division

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Q: How do you divide two digit numbers?
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How can you divide two four digit numbers by each other?


How do you divide the two digit numbers to a three digits number?

by making them half

What are all the two-digit numbers that divide into 171 with a remainder of 6?


How do you 2 digit divide?

you right the numbers and divide

How do you divide two digit by three digit numbers?

I think that you would just add a .0 to the end of the two digit number, thus making it three digit, then divide. At the end, you have to put the decimal on the answer in the right place, though.

How do you divide a number by by a two digit number?

To divide a single digit number by a double digit number,you first have to understand its obviously isn't easy. The following should help: *Put a zero on the area of the quotient and add a decimal point next to it. * After doing this,divide as if both numbers were two digit numbers and proceed You should get the answer.

How do you divide three digit numbers by two digit numbers?

You see how many times the two digit number goes into the first two numbers then you will take them away and then you will get the third number and put it on the end of your answer then you will see how many times your two digit number goes into your new number and then you will get your answer. And by the way I am eleven and I am still in primary school so you should really know it. I can divide a two digit by a seventeen digit number and that ins easy peasy.

When you are dividing a one digit number by a three digit number do you divide the last number alone or do you divide the whole number now?

No You Divide All The 3 numbers by the two and do the math and that's your answer.

How do you divide by three digit numbers?

Click below.

How many two digit prime numbers are there?

There are 21 two-digit prime numbers.

What single-digit numbers divide 7000?

unsa gani

How do you divide double digit by double digit?

add numbers below to each number at the top

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