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Q: How do you do 6in 9in 5in for volume?
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What is the volume of a rectangular prism that is 5in by 6in by 3in?

90 cubic inches.

What is the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 6in and height of 5in?

A cylinder with a radius of 3 (6/2) inches and a height of 5 inches has a volume of 141.37 inches3.

What would be the volume of a rectangular with a length of 5in a width of 3in and a height of 6in?

It is: 5*3*6 = 90 cubic inches

What is 8ft and 6in plus 4ft 5in?

12ft 11in

What is 5 ft 5in subtracted by 2ft 9 in?

The answer to the question of 5ft 5in- 2ft 9in is 8ft 2in

Find the perimeter of traperzoid with these measurements 4 in 5in 4in and 6in?

19 in

How do you find the volume of this cube 6in 6in 6in?

6in * 6in * 6in = 216in3

Will a 6in by 8in fit in a 6in by 9in opening?

Yes, with 1 inch to spare in one dimension if you hold it the right way.

What is the surface are of a rectangular prism with 18 in length 5in width and 6in height?


How tall would you be if your parents are 5ft 9in and 5ft 6in?

5 ft 10

3in 5in 4in What is the volume?

what is the volume of the rectacgular solid 2in,5in,3in.

How big is a sonoran desert toad? could be up 2 5in wide and 9in long