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all you do is this example 12 19 20 21 45 before you do it put it in order then cross out side by side like you would cross out 12 and 45 then 19 and 21 then your median would be 20

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Q: How do you do a median problem?
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What is the median to a math problem?

the average. all you have to do is is add all the numbers and then divide it by the number of numbers there are and that is your median.

What happens if you have two or more medians in a problem?

there really couldn't be more than 1 median in a problem

What is the median of numbers 76 84 93 67 82 87 and 76?

The median is 82, the middle value.

What does median in a math problem?

the number( or numbers) in the middle of a list of numbers in order of highest to lowest. eg. the median in the following list is 7 1,2,3,7,8,9,9

What is a quartile in a math problem?

A quartile is a given section in a range of data. To find the quartile, you must first find the median. Then find the "median of the median", using these to separate your data into sections, giving you a total of four sections of data.

How do you find the median in a problem?

IF you want to find the median in a maths question you get your sequence and put it in order (smallest to largest) then to find the median you find the middle number and if there is no middle number you half the one the is closest to the middlei hope i helped you

What is the median of 1 3 5 9 10?

The median is 5.The median is 5.The median is 5.The median is 5.

How do you get the median in a math problem?

U put the numbers in order from least to greatest and the get the middle number of that set.

How do you find the median of a dataset in Microsoft access?

This is a tricky problem. There is no built in functionality to find the median in Access, but you can write some VBA code to do it for you: Excel is generally a quicker way to calculate the median unless the dataset is too large.

How do you spell median?


What are two angels that share a commomn vertex and common ray called?

What do you do in a math problem if there are 2 median numbers?

How do you find the median with a Evan set of numbers?

You would answer it like a normal problem if you were doing both even and odd

What is the median of the set of numbers 2 41 33 24 38 6 28 14 29?

The median is 28.The median is 28.The median is 28.The median is 28.

What is the median of 91011121516?

The median is 1.

What is the median of 59?

it doesnt have a median.

Is Median an outlier?

No, median is not an outlier.

What is the median of

The median is 6

What is an ouutlier effect on the median?

An outlier pulls the median towards it. For example 1,2,3 Median=2 1,2,3,7 Median=2.5

What happens when there is no median in a set?

There's is always going to be a median. Never is there not going to be a median.

What is the median of 278?

Median is the middle value in a set of numbers. The median of 278 is 278.

How do mean deviation from median?

The mean deviation from the median is equal to the mean minus the median.

What is the median is a measure of?

the median is the middle like 2,3,5,7,4,2.8. the median is 7 because it is in the middle.

What if you have 2 medians in a math problem?

If you have 2 middle numbers (medians) (this only occurs when the set of numbers that you have is even), you add them together and divide by 2. This means that you are just finding the middle between the two numbers. E.g. if the problem is: find the median of this set of numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6. The median would be 3.5

What is the median of 20.9 and 22.3?

The median is 21.6

What is the median for 48 and 27?

Median = 37.5