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To find the average of a list of numbers, add the numbers and divide by the number of numbers in the list.

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Q: How do you do average of a lot of numbers?
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Why are atomic numbers not whole numbers?

The atomic numbers of an element is the average mass of all that element's isotopes. Some elements have A LOT of isotopes. Sometimes, that average isn't always a whole number.

If given an average how do you figure out the rest of the numbers?

If the only thing you're told is the average, there's no way to figure out what the individual numbers are. There are an infinite supply of groups of numbers that all have the same average. If you need to find the individual numbers, you need a lot more information besides just their average.

What does Arithmetic mean ,mean?

It means the average of numbers

What is the average of the remaining numbers The average twelve numbers is 35. if the two of the numbers namely 13 and 27 are removed?

The average of the remaining numbers is 38.

The average of six numbers is 4 If the average of two of those numbers is 2 what is the average of the other four numbers?


If The average of 5 numbers is 6 and the average of 3 numbers is 4 find out the average of remaining two numbers?


What does as mean in math?

A mean is an average. It's when you add up all of the numbers in a group and divide the sum of the numbers by the number of numbers in the group. We used to joke how it was mean because it involved a lot of work.

How do you find the average of n numbers?

The average of n numbers = (sum of n numbers) / (count of n numbers).

What 2 numbers have an average of 50?

There are many sets of numbers with an average of 50.Two numbers with an average of 50 is 49 and 51.

The average of the first three numbers was sixThe average of the next seven numbers was 19 What was the overall average of all 10 numbers?


How do you calculate the average of a list of numbers?

If you want to calculate the average of a list of numbers, add the numbers together and divide it by the number of numbers.

What does regular mean in geometry?

The average of two numbers.

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