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___________ /\ \ / \ \ / \ \ / \\ / \ / \ : : : : : : \ / \ / \ / \____________/ ___________ /\ \ / \ \ / \ \ / \\ / \ / \ : : : : : : \ / \ / \ / \____________/

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Q: How do you draw 1 line across a hexagon to divide it into 1 triangle and 1 hexagon?
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Draw a polygon that has no parallel sides?

A hexagon and a triangle

How can you divide a hexagon into 8?

Select any point inside the hexagon and draw a line segment to any point on the boundary of the hexagon. Draw 7 more such segments. These will divide the hexagon into 8 parts. The parts will not be equal but that was not a requirement of the question.

How to draw a hexagon?

A hexagon is a six-sided figure. Cut an equilateral triangle out of a piece of paper. Chop off little equilateral triangles at each tip of the triangle. What you have is a hexagonal piece of paper. Draw around it.

How can you make one cut in a hexagon to make a triangle and a pentagon?

You need to draw one diagonal. Look at the hexagon and then look at a pentagon. The triangle should stand out pretty well then.

How can you divide a hexagon into thirds?

Draw lines from every other angle that meet in the center.

You can draw a regular hexagon using only a straightedge and compass by the first building an equilateral triangle?


You can draw a regular hexagon using only a straightedge and compass by first building an equilateral triangle?


What are the measures of each exterior angle of a regular hexagon?

Since there are six sides to a regular hexagon and every side is equal in measure to find the measure of each side you would divide 720 by 6120 degreesTo properly explain why you divide 720 by 6:The sum of the measures of the interior angles of a triangle is 180 degrees. Since you can draw 4 triangles in a hexagon, the total of the angles is 4 * 180, or 720. Divide that by the number of sides in a hexagon and you get the interior angle (120 degrees).

How do you divide hexagon into 3 equal parts?

Draw a line from midpoint of every other side to the center.

How do you make a star of David?

To draw a Star of David, you first draw an upright triangle. Then, you draw an upside down triangle of the same size on top of it. Make sure that the three tips of both triangles are outside of the hexagon made by them.

Is France known as the triangle?

No: the Hexagon (l'Hexagone) - from the shape of the country. French children are taught to draw a map of France starting with a regular hexagon. Oddly, in a hexagon ABCDEF, lines FB and AD intersect in Paris.

Can you draw a hexagon?

A hexagon is a geometric shape with six sides. To draw one, draw a polygon with six sides.

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