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base ten model for 2485

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Q: How do you draw a base ten model for 2485?
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Draw a base ten model to show the numeral 2485.?

200 + 40+ 8

What is the base ten of 2485?


How do you draw base-ten blocks to show 3 X 143?

How do you draw 2.6, 0.47, and 1.05 with base ten blocks ??

How do you draw a base-ten block of 4.26?

u would do 5 10s base ten blocks then ui are donme

How do you draw the number 234 with base ten blocks?

234 = 2*100 + 3*10 + 4

Draw a base ten model to show the numeral 2485?

I can't draw in this programme. But imagine a small cube as representing 1 unit. Then stick 10 tougher to make along 'line' That is a 10. Now join 10 of these together to make a square. That has 100 of the smallest blacks. Next, get 10 of these square and join them together to make a big cube. This will have 1000 i blocks in it. So your number would have 2 big cubes (100s), 4 flats/squares (100s), 8 longs (10s) and 5 little cubes (1s)

How can you draw a decagon?

draw a shape with ten sides

A counting base of ten?

If a base of ten is to divide by ten that would be a decimal

What is a counting base of ten called?

A counting base of ten is a decimal base.

How do you use base ten blocks to model the number 999?

999 = 9*103 + 9*102 + 9

What do a base-ten look like?

Base ten is the normal base used by everyone. With base ten, you can count from one to eternity without thinking much because base ten is commonly used. Note that additions and subtractions in base ten rounds of any summation that equals ten to 1 unlike in other bases that rely on the type of base. e.g 421 + 699 = 1120 in base ten

What is a ten sided shape and draw it?

A ten-sided polygon is called a decagon.

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