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A rectangle with the area of 2cm squared could be:





16x0.125 etc

there are an infinite amount of possibilities

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Q: How do you draw shapes with an area of 2 cm squared?
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Does area have to be squared?

Yes an area problem must have an squared unit. Suppose: Find the area of a suare with side 8 cm. Thus, 8 squared will be 64cm. Your answer will be 64 squared cm.

How do you convert squared centimeters into regular centimeters?

Converting squared cm into regular cm does not make sense, one is an area and the other a linear length. But if you are referring to squared cm as an area and would like to find the side of a square which would enclose such area, then you can take the square root of the squared cm to get cm

What is the area of a trapezoid with one base 7 cm, another base 5 cm, and a height of 6 cm?

18 squared cm72 squared cm36 squared cm42 squared cm

The area of a piece of wood is 20 cm squared what is the area in inches squared?

The conversion factor is 0.155: 20sq cm x 0.155 = 3.1 inches squared

What Shape has an area of 17 centimeters squared?

A circle with radius 2.326 cm (approx) Various ellipses. A rectangle with sides 1 cm and 17 cm or with 2 cm and 8.5 cm or 3 cm and 5.667 cm etc or many other regular and irregular shapes.

How do you calculate the surface area of a human foot?

Draw round one on some squared paper and add up the cm^2 inside the foot.

What is the radius of a circle with an area of 8.3 cm squared?

1.63 cm

What is the area of 729 Cm squared?

7292 = 531441 square cm

What is the area of a circle 9 cm across?

254.34 cm squared.

What are the sides of a square if the area is 25C m squared?

Do you mean 25 cm squared? If so then the answer is 5 cm

Why does 1m squared not convert to 100cm squared?

It does. But 100 cm squared - ie a square with each side of 100 cm has an area of (100 cm)2 = 100 cm * 100 cm, which is 10,000 square cm. This is quite a common confusion caused by the use of measures of area in the form cm squared and square cm. Incidentally, this has absolutely nothing to do with metric or Imperial measures.

What is the area of a circle if the the radius is Cm?

Area of a circle in square cm = pi*radius squared