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I think you round it to the nearest whole number...

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Q: How do you estimate sums with decimals?
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How can you estimate sums or differences of decimals?

In the same way as you estimate them for whole numbers.

How do you divide decimals with partial sums method?

To divide decimals the partial sums method requires that numbers are separated into individual portions. The separated numbers are then solved in long division until eliminated.

How do you estimate sums and differences of whole numbers and decimals?

decimals must be estimates unless they have multiples of 2 or 5 in the mantissa 1.857142857 + 2.142857142 =3.9999999999 estimate 4.00000000 1 6/7 + 2 1/7 = 4 exact 1.1250000000 + 2.875 = 4.000 +- only 3 significant digits so best estimate possible 1 1/8 + 2 7/8 = 4 exact

What is to different pairs of decimals whose sums are 14.1 one pair should involve regrouping on math?

The two different pairs of decimals whose sums are 14.1 and one pair involves regrouping on math are 8.4 and 5.7.

How do you estimate mixed numbers sums?

you have to add

How do you find a low estimate for the product of two decimals round both factors to?

to find a low estimate for the product of two decimals, round both factors

What number would you use to estimate to sums of 47 and 21?


How do you estimate decimal sums and differences?

The basic idea is the same as when you estimate sums and differences of larger numbers (which may or may not be integers). You round the numbers to one or two decimal digits, then add them up.

How do you use benchmarks to estimate decimals?

by estimating the number after the decimal

How do you estimate decimals?

Decimals are estimated by rounding off the decimal places to the nearest tenths,hundredths,thousandths,ten thousandths,etc.

How do you use benchmark decimals to estimate 0.92 0.45?

1.0 and 0.5

How do yo round to estimate sums and differences in math?

One way is to do front end estimation!