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a negative exponent simply indicates that the term is the reciprocal of the given value. x to the power of negative 2 is 1/x^2

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Q: How do you express x to the power of negative 2 as a fraction?
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Related questions

What is 2 to the negative 6th power as a fraction?

2 to the negative 6th power as a fraction = 1/64

How do you express negative two as a fraction?

You cannot because -2 is an integer and not a fraction. However, if you must, it can be expressed in rational form as -2/1 which cannot be simplified.

What is one half to the negative first power?

When something is to the negative first power, you find the inverse of it - which means you flip the fraction. (1/2)^-1=2/1 2

Why does a negative exponent equal a fraction?

n to the -2 power is improper, to get rid of the negative, you flip it so, n to the -2 would be 1 /n to the 2

What is 2 to the 3rd power times 2 to the 2nd power times 2 to the negative 1 power?

2 cubed )2^3) is 8, 2 squared (2^2) is 4, and 2 to the negative 1 power is done by thinking of a fraction. We know that any whole number can be made into a fraction, like 2 is 2/1. Well when we have negative exponents, these are solved by putting those numbers to negative powers into the bottom. So (2^-1)/1 would be changed to 1/(2^1) or 1/2. So if we now multiply these three numbers, we get 16.

How do you do negative number fraction?

You put the negative to the side, before the fraction, or you put the negative in the numerator, so it's a negative fraction. It can look like this: -1/2 or the negative can be on the side of the fraction

Does a negative Fraction plus a negative Fraction equal a positive or negaive?

negative -1/2+-1/2 = -1

Is 5 to the negative 2 power positive or negative?

it is a positive fraction 5^-2=1 over 5^2 answer is 1 over 25

Express 650m as a fraction?

13 1/2

What does 6.7 x 10 to the negative 2 power equal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 6.7 x 10-2 = 0.067

What is negative 2 divided by 2 as a fraction?


What is negative 5 to the power of negative 2 times negative 5 to the power of negative 2?

negative 0.0016

What does 10 to the the negative 4 power equal?

A negative power can change "sides of the fraction" to become a positive power. For example: 5-2 = 1/52 = 1/25 In this case: 10-4 = 1/104 = 1/10,000 = 0.0001

Can a fraction be a negative number?

Yes, a fraction can be negative, e.g., -4/3, -2/5, etc.

What is negative 2 to the power of negative 6?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, -2-6 = -1/64 or minus one sixty-fourth. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to -0.015625.

What is the answer of Express 2 thirds feet as a fraction?

2/3 feet is a fraction.

What is negative 4 to the power of 2 times negative 4 to the power of negative 2?


Is a negative fraction subtracted from another negative fraction always negative?

No. (-1/3) - (-2/3) = + 1/3

How do you find the answer to a fraction with the power of a negative number?

Take the reciprocal of the fraction (flip it over). Then change the power to its positive equivalent.So, for example, (2/5)^-3 = (5/2)^3 = 125/8.

How do you express 37.5 as a fraction?

37 1/2

What is express one half as a fraction?


Express 4 5 as a fraction?

As a fraction it is 4/5.

How do you turn a negative number aka negative three into a fraction?

-3 into a fraction can be -3/1, -6/2 etc.

What is the fraction 1 over 2 added to negative 1?

Negative 1 over 2

What is the fraction for 2.0?

Since 2 is an integer, there is no particular need to express it as a fraction - although if you were to give the fraction a denominator of 1, it could be expressed as 2/1.