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(b + 3)(a + c)

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Q: How do you factor this expression 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?
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Can you factor this ab plus 3a-bc-3c?


Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

a + 7b + 2c

Can someone Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

ok, let's see: (3a-2a) + (2b+5b) +(-c +3c) = a + 7b +2c I think that's right.

Factor 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?

a(3+b)+c(3+b) * * * * * This is easy to finish: . . . = (a + c)(3 + b).

What is 3a plus ab plus 3c plus bc?

That factors to (b + 3)(a + c)

Factor this expression Check by multiplying factors 2ab-6ac plus 3b 9c?

(2a + 3)(b - 3c)

Which expression is equivalent to 8c plus 6-3c-2?


What is 3a plus 2b plus 3c plus 2a plus 4c plus b equals?

Gathering like terms together, this is equal to 5a + 3b + 7c.

How do you factor -36c4 plus 289c2-400?

-((3c - 4)(3c + 4)(2c - 5)(2c + 5))

Simplify each expression 0.2(3b-15c) plus 6c?

0.6b + 3c

What is -3b plus 3c plus 5-b-8c-4?

It is an expression that can be simplified to: 1-4b-5c

Factor of 5C2 plus 3C-2?

(5c - 2)(c +1)

Factor 2ab - 6ac plus 3b - 9c?

2ab - 6ac + 3b - 9c = 2a(b - 3c) + 3(b - 3c) = (2a + 3)(b - 3c).

What is the answer to the math equation 2bc plus 8b minus 3c minus 12?

2bc + 8b - 3c - 12 is an expression, not an equation or inequality. It cannot, therefore have "an answer".

How do you factorise 6ab-9ac?

It is: 3a(2b -3c) when factored

How do you Factor 12bc - 4bd - 15xc plus 5xd?

12bc - 4bd - 15xc + 5xd = 4b(3c - d) - 5x(3c - d) = (3c - d)(4b - 5x)

Using Hess's Law format how would someone change the next three lines to match the forth line 3x plus y yield 2z plus a x plus 3y yield 2b plus 3a z plus y yield 3c plus a c plus y yield b plus a?

In other words: 3x+y=2z+a x+3y=2b+3a z+y=3c+a (all equals:) c+y=b+a

How do you factor c cubed plus 27?

(c + 3)(c^2 - 3c + 9)

What is the answer to 18-3c?

Without an equality sign the given expression remains as: 18-3c

What is the factor of 3c?


How would you factor 64 - 9c2?

(8 - 3c)(8 + 3c)

Factor 9c3-12c2 plus 18c-24?

3(3c - 4)(c^2 + 2)

How do you factor 2ab - 6ac plus 3b - 9c?

2ab - 6ac + 3b - 9c = b(2a + 3) - 3c(2a + 3) = (b - 3c)(2a + 3)

Simplify 6c - 7d - 3c plus 6d?


How do you do 4c plus 2 equals 3c plus 9?

4c+2 = 3c+9 4c-3c = 9-2 c = 7