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Sale price/original price will give you a fraction. The fraction x100 gives you the percentage that the sale price is of the original price.
100-(that percentage) gives the percent taken off.

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Q: How do you figure the how much percent was taken off the original price if you only have the original price and the sale price?
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How much moneY will be taken off of a discount of 22 percent?

original price minus 22% of the original price

What is the original price when 15 percent is taken away from 250?

The original price is 250. After you mark it down 15%, the new price is 212.50 .

How to figure how much is taken off after the percentage mark down?

To take a percentage of a price, multiply the price by the decimal equivalent of the percentage, which is the percentage divided by 100. 25 percent of $15.00 = 15 x 0.25 = $3.75 To take a percentage off a price, you can either subtract that number from the original price ($15.00 - $3.75 = $11.25) or multiply the original price by the decimal equivalent of 100 percent minus the discount. (15 x 0.75 = $11.25)

A store gives 10 percent discount to all students off the original cost additional 15 percent is taken off the discounted price Julie purchases a flute for 306 how much did it originally cost?

Discounted price was 360 (306/.85)Original price was 400 (360/.9)

What is 25 off of 14.50?

Division is important when calculating a sale. 25 percent of $14.50 is 3.625. That taken away from the original price is $10.87.

What is percent of discount?

Percent of discount is the percentage of a whole price that is taken off as a discount.

How much percent should be taken off the original price of a rifle if still in good condition?

Used firearms and used goods in general are priced according to market price. The original price is not relevant except in an emotional sense. The 'Shotgun News' magazine has extensive pricing information.

What is 15 percent off 299.00?

To solve a problem like this, you would first figure out how many percent is left for you to pay after 15% is taken out of the price. So, subtract 15% from 100%. 100-15=85%. Then you change the percentage you still have to pay to decimal form: 85% = .85 Then you multiply the decimal times the original price: .85 x 299.00 = (I'll let you do the math now that you know how)

How do you figure out the original price if you have the current price and the amount of the discount?

Take the current price and add whatever the price that was subtracted off from the discount back to it and you will get the original price. If the current price of an item is $50 and had a 10% discount already taken off then dived 50 by 90% (50 / 0.9) which will give you $55.56 which is the original price before the discount. To check to make sure you did it correct take the original price, $55.56, and multiply it by 10% which will give you 55.56 * 0.1 = 5.56 and subtract that from the original; $55.56 - $5.56 = $50 which is the current price. If you have a calculator you can just enter $55.56 - 10% = $50 to check.

Is discounted price the same as the sale price?

no discounted price is the price after some money has been taken off the sale price for a sale etc. but sale price is the original price

How do find the original amount after percentage has been taken off?

Let's think money. If 5% was taken off, then the amount paid represents 95% of the original amount. So, to find the original amount, think that 95% of the original amount = paid amount And to solve, divide the amount paid by the percent you paid. In general divide by (100% minus the percent taken off).

A 15 percent tip was taken out. the price is 26 how much would it be without the 15 percent?

This depends on what you mean by a tip was taken out, and the price is 26. If the base price (not counting the tip) is 26, the answer is 26. If you mean the price including the tip is 26, that means 115% of the base price is 26, so divide 26 by 1.15. The answer, rounded to 2 decimal places, is 22.61.

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