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Say you buy an item which costs 35.50 after a 22% discount is applied.

- This means that the item only costs 78% of the original price (100% - 22% = 78%).

- So, to find 1% of the original price, you can divide the discounted price by the percent of the original price it represents. So: 35.50/78 = 0.45512821 .

B / ((B/A) x 100) = .01A

- If this number represents 1% of the original price, than multiplying it by 100 will give you the full amount of the original price. So: 0.45512821 x 100 = 45.51.

.01A x 100 = 1A

You can then check your answer by two methods:

- If the original price is 45.51, then you can find 78% of that number by multiplying it by .78: 45.51 x .78 = 35.50.

A x (B/A) = B

- Or, you can find 22% of 45.51 by multiplying it by .22: 45.51 x .22 = 10.01.

A(1 - (B/A)) = C

- Then, you can subtract 10.01 (the amount taken off of the original price as a discount) from the original price to find the discounted price. 45.51 - 10.01 = 35.50.

A - C = B

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Q: How do you find the original price of an item that gives the discount?
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How do you find the discount knowing only the discounted price and original price?

Discount = Original Price - Discounted Price Percentage Discount = 100* Discount / Original Price

How do you find the discount if you have the original price and the sale price?

Discount = Original Price minus Sale price.

How do you find percent of disscount?

Discount divided by original price gives you a decimal which you then multiply by 100. This equals percent of discount Eg: $15 discount, $80 original price 15 / 80 = 0.1875 x 100 = 18.75%

How do you find the percent of discount if you know the original price in the sale price?

Percentage discount = 100*(1 - sale price/original price)

How do you find the original price of discounted item?

You need to know the discounted price and either the discount amount or the discount rate. If you know the discount amount: Original Price = Discounted Price + Discount If you know the Discount Rate (percentage discount ): Original Price = 100*Discounted Price / (100 - Discount Rate)

A 200 coat is on sale for 166 What is the percent of the discount?

The discount on the coat is $34. To find the percentage discount, you divide the discount ($34) by the original price ($200) and multiply by 100. This gives you a discount of 17%.

What is the original list price if the discount is 35 and the discount rate is 10 percent?

If the discounted price is $35, then you must reverse the process to find the original price. The original price would be 38.99 dollars.

How do you find the original price if you only have the sale price?

If you have only the sale price you cannot find the original price. You need to know the discount rate.

How do you find the original amount if you only have a sale price and a discount?

If the discount is D percent and the sale price is S, then the original price was S*100/(100-D)

Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the sales price is 78 after a 25 percent discount?

The original price was $104.00

How Do You Find The Original Sales Price and Discount?

The answer will depend on what information you do have.

Got a 37 discount on books discount price of 3209 how do I find what the original cost was?

Original Price = Discounted price*100/(100-discount rate) = 3209*100/(100-37) = 3209*100/63 = 5093.65