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How to fifty cents make one dollar

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Q: How do you find fifty cents change one dollar?
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How many cents in a dollar if you had to find 26 percent?

26% of a dollar is 26 cents

wehre to buy envelopes for gift cards?

You can find great prices on ebvelopes at Factory Card Outlet. You can often find envelopes for as little as fifty cents a piece. Larger envelopes will cost about one dollar.

Where can you find bracelets for ninety nine cents?

umm at the dollar store

What is 102 minus 30?

102 - 30 = 72Here are two ways to find that out for yourself. One way is to write the 30 under the 102, with the 3 lined up with the 10 and the 0 lined up with the 2. Then when you take away 3 from ten you get 7, the first digit of the answer, and when you take away 0 from 2 you get 2, the second digt of the answer.Another way to do the problem is to think of 102 as one dollar and two cents. When you take away 30 cents from one dollar, you have 70 cents in change, and you still have the two cents, so you have 72 cents. A dollar and two cents minus 30 cents equals 72 cents.

How do you find 2thirds of a dollar?

2/3 * 1 = 2/3 = .67 or 67 cents.

How much is a 1972 gold plated fifty cents worth?

50 cents, the plating adds nothing to the value. It has no numismatic collectible value at all. But you may find someone that wants it.

How many different ways can you find for 21 coins totaling one dollar cents?

5 ways

What fraction of a dollar is one dime?

First of all, how many cents is a dime? It's 10 cents.How many cents is a dollar? 100 cents.So to find the fraction of a dime in a dollar.... make the dime (10 cents) the numerator and the dollar (100 cents) the denominator so...dime/dollar or 10 cents/ 100 centsBy now you would see that 10/100 is the equivalent of 1/10 or 10%.So.... one dime is 10%, 0.1, 1/10 or one tenth of a dollar.One tenth

Do you know where I can find the postage rates?

You can find postage rates on the USPS website. The current price of a stamp is 46 cents. It will cost you about 50 cents to a dollar depending on the weight of the letter and the location you are sending it to.

How do you write 0.8 into a percent?

You take the .8 and multiply it by 100 because a percent of something is one hundredths of 1. For example, 75 cents is 75 one hundredths of a dollar. 75 cents is written as .75 in decimal form. .75 (75 cents) is 75% of 1 dollar. To change 75 cents or .75 to a percent, you just multiply it by 100 which .75 times 100 is 75. So, to find out what .8 is as a percent you just multiply it by 100 which is 80.

How do you convert 209.99 from cents to dollars?

As there are 100 cents in a dollar you simply divide the number of cents by 100 to find the number of dollars. 209.99 cents would equal $2.10 dollars (rounded up to the nearest cent) but $209.99 dollars would equal 20999 cents.

How much is a Jamaica fifty cent 1975 worth?

it depends on where you go to and maybe that place you go to will think that its worth a couple of hundred bucks if your luckly enough to find a place that will buy it. Fifty cents in Jamaica

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