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just add the 5 to each number and compare the succeding number

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Q: How do you find first number is 5 time greater the second?
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If the sum of three numbers is 99 and the first number is 10 greater than the second and 20 greater than the third. find the largest of the three numbers.?


Explain why 42 678 is greater than 42 067?

First, compare the number of digits. Since they are the same, compare the first (leftmost) digit. Then compare the second digit, etc., continuing until you find a digit that is greater in one number than in the other.

What is greater 5.34 or 5.43?

5.43 is greater than 5.34. To find this, is to compare the first digits from left to right in both sides of the two given numbers. if they are same, move to the next second digits and on til you find the number that has bigger digit

How do you decide which two numbers is greater?

A positive number is greater than a negative number. If a positive number is greater than another, the corresponding negative numbers are smaller. For example, since 4 > 3, -4 < -3. For two positive numbers: The number with more digits is greater. If they have the same number of digits, the number with the greater first digit is greater. If they are equal, look at the second digit, which will decide which number is greater, and so forth, up to the last digit. For example, 12500 is greater than 12480: they have the same number of digits, the first two digits are the same, but the third digit is the tie-breaker. For numbers with decimals, first apply the rules above for the whole part. If they are equal, check the first digit after the decimal point, then the second, etc., until you find a "tie-breaker". For example, 0.2522 is more than 0.2517. Once again, the first two digits are the same, the third is the tiebreaker.

The sum of two numbers is -42 the first number minus the second number is 52 Find the numbers?

= The sum of two numbers is -42 the first number minus the second number is 52 Find the numbers? =

Is 0.002 greater or less than 0.0001?

Just compare the digits one by one: compare the first digit after the decimal point with the first digit of the other number, the second digit with the second digit, etc., until you find a digit that is different.

Why can't we find the atom for which the second ionization is smaller than the first?

Because there is no such atom. Every second IE is greater than the first IE for the same element/isotope.

Write a c program to find the largest number of given three number using ternary operator?

largest = first > second ? (first > third ? first : third): (second > third ? second : third);

Find the first number greater than 106637 where its thousands and units digits are the same?


Find the first number greater than 106637 where its tens and units digits are the same?

it is 106,644

How can you find which decimal is greater?

first you see where the tenths place is then you underline that one number. then you see if it greater or less with the other number true fact

Is 0.795 greater than 0.15?

To compare two decimals, start by comparing the digits with the highest place-value. In this case, the first digit after the decimal point. Whichever is greater, belongs to the greater number. If these digits are equal (for example, when you compare 0.15 and 0.173), compare the second digit - and continue until you find a difference.

Find a number less than 534000 and a number greater than 534000 that can be expressed in exponential form?

534,000 to the first exponent

Find the ratio of the first number to the second number and simplify 5.6 to 10?

5.6/10 = 14/25

Which is greater 0.55 or 0.505?

go from left to right until you find the bigger number. You see 0.55 is greater than 0.505 because its second number after decimal 5 is greater

How do you find the correct symbol to compare two fractions?

If the first fraction is greater than the second, use > If the first fraction is less than the second, use < If the first fraction is equal to the second, use = Other possibilities include greater than or equal to and less than or equal to which are created by placing the greater than or less than signs on top of the equals sign.

4 numbers add up to 456 the fourth number is twice the second number and the third number is 26 more than the second number if the second number is equal to the first number find the third number?

The third number is 112, the numbers are 86, 86, 112, 172

How can I find my Account number?

If you have a check, your account number is at the bottom. It's the second number in this set of three numbers. The first (about 9 digits) is the bank's identification number, the second is your account number (about 13 digits) and the third is the check number.

The second of two numbers is 4 times the first. their sum is 50. find the number?


Write an algorithm to find the largest number in a group of three integer numbers?

The following algorithm works for any number of integers: Assume the first number is the maximum - maximum = (first number). Compare your assumed maximum with the second number. If the second number is larger than the assumed maximum, replace the old assumed maximum with the second number. Repeat for the third number, for the fourth, etc. - always copying the nth. element to the assumed maximum if you find one that is larger than your previous maximum.

How can you find the constant of proportionality from a table of a proportional relationships?

Divide any number in the second set by the corresponding number in the first set.

Is 0.0008 greater than 0.0012?

Since there is no whole part, compare the digits after the decimal point one by one (first digit with first digit, second digit with second digit, etc.), until you find two digits that are different.

Find the range of stem-and-leaf plot?

highest row right side number put to the right of greatest number on the same row on the left= first #. Then get the bottom row right side number on the right of the lowest number on the left side of the same row. That is second # first number - second number= Range

The sum of two numbers is 172 The first is 8 less than 5 times the second Find the first number?


What are the steps in getting the product sum and difference of two terms?

To get the product, multiply the first number by the second. To get the sum, add the second number to the first. To get the difference, subtract the smaller number from the larger.